15+ Rules For Good Feng Shui Bathroom To Attract Wealth

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The bathroom is thought to be the most effective room in the house for attracting positive energy. It may be an excellent place to flush out evil since it has a lot of flowing water and drains.

People generally are unable to apply for a feng shui bathroom because we lack the necessary information. Consequently, we choose to consult with a feng shui expert to create a feng shui bathroom design. But what if we can learn everything we need by reading just one article? Here are the most effective principles for learning about the greatest feng shui art for the bathroom.

What Does the Bathroom Represent in Feng Shui?

A bathroom is simply not a place where the toilet is located. However, a feng shui bathroom, when properly planned and exploited, may be an excellent source of cleansing.

  • vigor
  • tranquility
  • freshness

A bathroom is one of three rooms in a house where tremendous good chi may be formed to maximize the possibilities of feng shui. As a result, properly understanding feng shui art for the bathroom is critical.

Top 15 Feng Shui Bathroom Rules

Listed are the top 15 feng shui bathroom rules that should be followed for a feng-shui-approved bathroom:

1. Avoid Having The Bathroom Door Facing The Front Door

The entrance door should not be facing the bathroom door. That is because it will channel any positive energy that enters the front entrance.

2. Always Keep The Door Closed

The door should always be closed even if no one is using the restroom. Otherwise, it will drain vital energy and generate negative energy.

3. Do Not Place The Bed In Front Of The Bathroom Door

Placing the bed against the bathroom door is hazardous to your health. It can impair your sleep, produce a gastrointestinal problems, induce breast cancer, and so on.

4. Close The Toilet Lid

Keep the toilet lid locked at all times since it emits a lot of bad chi that might harm your surroundings. It also depletes the chi energy.

5. Attach A Mirror To The Bathroom Door

Having a mirror over the toilet might not be good, according to feng shui experts. It is because it assists in reflecting all the bad energy that comes to the house.

6. Maintain A Clean And Fresh Bathroom

Maintaining a clean and fresh bathroom is the most important step towards a feng shui-approved bathroom. The more you maintain your bathroom nice and clean, the more likely you wish to have a healthy and lucky atmosphere.

7. Make Use Of Metal Elements

Use metal components like metallic wind chimes, colorful carpets, and so on in the southwest bathroom.

8. Utilize Crystal Balls

You might have a bathroom in the south sector of your home. To prevent negative energy, hang crystal balls in the window. The crystal balls will aid in the removal of negative fire energy.

9. Place Green Houseplants

If your bathroom is in the north sector, you should experiment with green houseplants. It is known to draw positive energy and good luck.

10. Install Glitter Lights In The Bathroom

If your bathroom is in the east sector or the southeast sector of the house, consider some glitter lamps that you can switch on and off every 2-3 hours. You can also incorporate a lucky bamboo into the space since it counteracts the bad chi produced by lavatory effluent.

11. Make Use Of Light Tone Colors

For a feng shui bathroom, colors with dark tones, such as red, black, and brown, attract negative energy. These colors should be avoided while decorating a bathroom. Light tone colors are ideal for a bathroom. Light, cheerful, and water-inspired colors are wonderful selections for bathroom feng shui.

12. Make Use Of Candles

Candles are widely employed in bathroom feng shui, particularly when the bathroom is located in the Bagua map’s southwest quadrant. That is because it will have an effect on your negative energy in order to keep it under control.

13. A Golden Bath Or Toilet Should Be Avoided

Keeping a gold bath or toilet in the bathroom is the same as flushing money or fortune down the toilet. We should not turn on the bathroom for good luck. As a result, wood energy must be controlled in the southwest bathroom.

14. Make Less Use Of Artificial Or Chemical Products

It is crucial to reduce the use of chemicals and artificial products as much as possible. Instead, select the materials and products that are natural. This way, you can create a healthy environment. 

15. Avoid Square-Shaped and Sharp-Edged Things

Any square-designed or sharp-edged thing denotes negative chi. Therefore, avoiding these negatively shaped products in the bathroom is best. Instead, you can select round or oval-shaped objects for the bathroom.

Where Should The Feng Shui Bathroom Be In A House?

According to feng shui bathroom technique, If your bathroom is in your house’s center or money area, it might be the most difficult space to renovate. However, if you have Middle Eastern bathrooms in your home, you must follow feng shui guidelines to counteract the bad energy.

  • For good feng shui, install a water feature. The presence of fresh flowers and candles in the surroundings boosts the good chi.
  • Use as many plants as possible. Plants are the most effective source of excellent energy. A variety of plants can be utilized for this purpose.

What Feng Shui Element Is The Bathroom?

Bagua map suggests that when your bathroom is located in the northwest, you should utilize metal elements while weakening the elements of water.

You can also apply earth elements, which aid in diminishing water energy. In the bathroom, you should use earth and metal feng shui. You may achieve a balance using a variety of approaches, including-

  • For earth, use light yellow and sandy colors.
  • Use white and gray hues for metal
  • Blue and black tones should be kept to a minimum.
  • Limit the usage of the mirror
  • Use green accents.

How Do I Get Positive Energy In My Bathroom?

feng shui bathroom technique is to get positive energy in the bathroom, you should maintain a well-ventilated, well-lit, and clutter-free bathroom. Dingy restrooms amplify the yin effect and create a sad atmosphere. Tubelights work well above mirrors because they boost the light impact.

Mirrors should be set such that they do not reflect the commode. The positioning of the doors should always be prioritized. They should never be kept open in the bedroom. All leaks should be repaired promptly, as the Chinese think they will progressively deplete the funds.

Finally, consider where you want to put the toilet, sink, and bathing area. Generally, you should place the commode in the northwest sector towards the south and vice versa. The basin and bathing area should be located toward the northeast, north, or east.

Best Feng Shui Plants For Bathroom

In Feng Shui, plants are believed to bring positive energy into a space, and the bathroom is no exception. According to feng shui bathroom technique plants are helpful in reducing negativity from bathroom. However, since the bathroom tends to have a lot of moisture and limited natural light, not all plants are suitable for this space.

Modern bathrooms, while they might be pristine, gleaming, spa-like sanctuaries of healing, self-care, and relaxation, are nonetheless connected with bad energy in feng shui. Fortunately, many bathroom plants are available to help neutralize the negative and maintain your bathroom as a place of beauty and renewal. We’ll go over the fundamental concepts of feng shui in the bathroom, as well as 8 of the greatest houseplant alternatives for this space. 

The following plants can be utilized in feng shui bathroom design:

  • The lucky bamboo
  • Philodendron
  • Golden pothos
  • Ficus tree
  • Peace lily
  • Peace lily
  • The palm tree
  • Jade plant, 
  • Jade
  • plant, 
  • Plantain snake

Apart from utilizing plants, follow the listed methods for feng shui bathroom:

Use the Wood Element to Decorate

In feng shui, the water element feeds or is absorbed by the wood element. Therefore including a lot of wooden décor in the bathroom as per feng shui bathroom technique will assist in balancing out the water element. Fill your color scheme with light, bright neutrals, and greens. Consider utilizing bamboo bath mats and, of course, a few well-chosen plants.

Maintain a Clean and Tidy Environment

Mess, clutter, and uncleanliness emit negative energy in any environment, but they are especially detrimental in rooms where you want to establish harmony and relaxing energy. As per feng shui bathroom technique you  must regularly clean your bathroom, keep your countertops clear, and keep in mind that concealing a mess will not remove its energy. So, keep your cupboards in order.

Check that everything works

Like other sections of your house, it’s critical that everything works correctly to keep the energy flowing freely throughout the room. For example, if you have a leaking faucet or a clogged drain in your bathroom, the bad energy will remain more stuck in that space.

Shut the Door

Feng shui experts suggest keeping the bathroom door closed. That will prohibit the departure of beneficial energies from other rooms. It can also help prevent the bad energy from penetrating other house sections.

Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom Above The Kitchen

Following are the feng shui cure for the bathroom above the kitchen:

  • Hang a faceted crystal in the room’s center.
  • To visibly reverse the downward water flow, hang a three-inch circular mirror on the ceiling just over the bathtub.
  • To inhibit the water element, reveal the earth element bowl.
  • Place the fire element stone in the toilet cistern to regulate the water element.
  • 1 Round mirror to be hung over the bathtub drain is included in the kit.
  • One stone of fire/earth element to regulate water element
  • One ready-to-hang faceted crystal spherical
  • One dish of earth element

Bathroom Rug Placement Ideas

While bathroom rug ideas may not be on your list of must-haves, they are a terrific way to bring a soft touch to chilly, hard bathroom floors while also injecting individuality into places that might sometimes be perceived as solely practical.

Rugs work especially well in bigger bathrooms with wide floor surfaces since these spaces may seem particularly frigid, but a rug can help anchor the concept, instantly making it more comfortable and welcome.

Best Feng Shui Bathroom Colors

Generally, a bathroom has no poor or excellent feng shui colors. However, color preferences are quite personal because everyone’s circumstances vary. Therefore, examining your favorite colors and your associations with them is crucial. Following is the list of colors to choose for your bathroom:


If we were to give a broad suggestion for the perfect bathroom color, we’d choose white. Although it might not be the perfect hue for many people, it works well in many situations. White symbolizes clarity and purity, and one of the functions of a contemporary bathroom is to cleanse the body. In a basic sense, white may welcome cleanliness and purity since it encourages us to maintain things pure. White may also be viewed as a hue that provides a clean, neutral palette that helps us to sharpen and connect with our senses.


Blue is another feng shui color that is used in connection to the five elements of color theory. For example, the color blue is associated with wood, one of the five components included in feng shui. Water is another of the five elements. Bathrooms are inextricably linked to the water element since plumbing runs in and out of this area of the house. The creative, supporting interactions between certain aspects are one of the five elements with which we operate. Water, for example, nourishes and sustains the wood element.


Green, which is present in live plants and trees, is associated with wood. Green, like blue, might bring in more wood elements that will be nourished by the water element existing in your bathroom. Green is also associated with healing and assistance. You may add more attributes depending on the shade of green. Greens that are muted are more soothing and therapeutic, whereas brighter greens are more active. Deep forest greens are soothing and relaxing.

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Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Fame Area

You must first identify your feng shui renown area. Then, depending on whose school of feng shui you practice, you will either use the Classical feng shui compass or a nine-grid Bagua map.

You will utilize the Bagua if you practice classical feng shui. There are eight sections in the Bagua. After identifying your home’s facing orientation by getting compass readings, superimpose the Bagua over the floor layout. You’ll be looking for the Bagua south section. This area is your area of fame and notoriety.

If you have a bathroom located in this area, you can cure it with feng shui methods. You should lid out the toiled seat when it is not in use. Besides, check if you have any leakage. If you find any leakage, immediately repair it to avoid your fame loss. 


How Should Feng Shui Toilet Seat Be?

The toilet seat should be in the right place for a harmonious life. Feng shui experts suggest people not place the toilet in the following direction:

  • It should not be positioned facing toward the toilet door.
  • It must not face the bed.
  • It should not be placed close to the gas stove.
  • It must not face the south direction.
  • The toilet door should be kept closed. 

Is It Good To Have Plants In The Bathroom?

The color green promotes cleansing, serenity, and lifelines. Plants provide a sense of tranquility and freshness.

Plants in the bathroom is a feng shui art. They absorb bad chi while exuding pleasant energy in the area. Thus, planting plants in the bathroom is a wonderful approach to generate positive energy and attract it.

The following plants are typically utilized in feng shui bathroom design:

  • The lucky bamboo
  • Philodendron
  • Golden pothos
  • Ficus tree
  • Peace lily
  • Peace lily
  • The palm tree
  • Jade plant, 
  • Jade
  • plant, 
  • Plantain snake

Should Bathroom Doors Be Open Or Closed Feng Shui?

A bathroom door facing the entryway is negative in feng shui. In this situation, most energy arriving through the entrance will rush out through the bathroom. In this circumstance, you must make the required efforts to maintain positive energy and harmony in your surroundings. Some critical phases are as follows:

  • Keep the bathroom door closed every time.
  • Maintain a nice and clean bathroom.
  • Place a crystal basin in the main entrance.
  • Attach a mirror to the bathroom door.
  • Paint the door in a complementary hue.

Which Color Is Lucky For The Bathroom?

Dark hues such as black, gray, and brown should be avoided as interior colors since they draw bad chi.

A light hue is great for bathroom feng shui. Bathroom feng shui colors that are frequently utilized include. My top options for feng shui bathroom color palettes are shown below. Light blue, green, pink, peach, creamy white, yellow, silver, brilliant wood, and other pastel and water-inspired interior colors

Why Should We Keep Salt In The Bathroom?

While practicing feng shui, salt water remedies are employed on the outskirts. Salt is a powerful chemical that absorbs any negative energy in the home.

When it comes to the feng shui bathroom technique, keeping salt with water might help to remove architectural defects and negative energy. Remember to keep the salt where no one can get it. And from time to time, replace it with a fresh one. Never use outdated salt; instead, discard it.


Your Feng Shui Bathroom may be a wonderful location for healing, relaxation, and enjoyment and bring you good fortune. First, however, you must devote sufficient time and effort to make it one of the nicest areas in your home.

If you have any architectural problems, use the above Feng Shui bathroom remedies and fixes immediately to prevent money and health loss.

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