15+ Feng Shui Sleeping Tips For Better Sleep

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We’re all aware of the several things that influence sleep, such as gut health, evening shutdown routines, and exercise. However, your sleeping environment can also influence the quality of your sleep. For example, ill-fitting pillows, clutter, and distracting technology can all be big sleep deprivation factors.

However, if properly planned, your bedroom has endless possibilities. For example, you may build a shelter, a REM castle, or a dream realm between those four walls. Your sleeping space may also represent your relationship with your spouse, yourself, and other essential things in your life. And feng shui sleeping, the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing energy in a given place by arranging your furniture and things in a certain pattern, might be useful.

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that uses design and arrangement principles to create harmony and balance in living spaces. When applied to the bedroom, Feng Shui can help create an environment that promotes better sleep.

In this article we will discover effective feng Shui sleeping tips to promote better sleep and overall well-being. Our expert guide offers practical solutions for optimizing your bedroom’s energy flow, creating a calming atmosphere, and achieving a more restful sleep. Check it out now!

How Can Feng Shui Help You Sleep Better?

how can feng shui help you sleep better?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that teaches us to harness the energy and live in harmony with nature’s energies and cycles.

Many individuals sleep under a window, which immediately interferes with their sleep. In Feng Shui there is is a feng shui sleeping technique which creates a setting where you may feel at ease and calm. Feng Shui may help us harness the chi energy that animates life and attract positive vibrations and fortune. Adopting this old idea can impact all aspects of our lives, from our economics to our sleeping patterns.

Which Is The Best Feng Shui Sleeping Direction?

Feng Shui’s sleeping head orientation must be towards the opposite pole of the Earth to make the energy flow “properly.” It is also advised to sleep in the east direction. 

15 Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

Let’s look at some bedroom principles to help you create feng shui sleeping better.

feng shui tips for better sleep

1. Purchase A Full Or Queen-Sized Bed

Consider your collegiate twin bed or futon. Would you still like to sleep in it? We didn’t believe so. Instead, experts recommend choosing a full or queen-size bed for feng shui purposes since it promotes a good night’s sleep and allows qi to move correctly beneath it. 

It also encourages a feeling of community between you and your companion (or potential relationship!). Twin beds, by contrast, might seem constrained and ephemeral, but king-size mattresses can be too wide to inspire closeness.

2. Set Up Your Command Center

The “commanding position” of your bed is important in feng shui. It indicates that your bed isn’t directly across from the door, and you can see the door from where you’re lying. Because you can see everything entering your area, the commanding stance places you in a “secure” position and provides you with a sense of stability (both physical and mental). 

Another crucial aspect of bed arrangement is ensuring equal space on both sides so that both individuals can easily climb into bed. You generate a balance of energy on both the bed’s sides by making room.

3. Prepare Yourself (board)

It is now time to create a new Pinterest board. Experts suggest a robust headboard, especially one made of wood, with no bars or holes, based on feng shui principles. It is because a headboard assists in keeping people linked to their partners and keeps them stable in bed. In addition, proponents say that a solid headboard can assist people in attracting a robust and secure relationship, especially if they are single. If purchasing a new headboard is not currently in your budget, some feng shui experts recommend placing two huge pillows behind your sleeping pillows.

4. Keep The Area Beneath Your Bed Clear Of Junk

According to Feng shui experts, you may not know it, but the energy from the items stored beneath your bed might flow to you. That’s why feng shui practitioners recommend cleaning away the clutter so that energy may flow freely around you as you sleep, this means that feng shui sleeping technique involves DE-cluttering around you or beneath your bed.

5. Consider Mirror Location

Different schools of feng shui hold contradictory opinions on mirrors in the bedroom. But feng shui experts believe that round or oval mirrors indicate continuity in a relationship and aid with the flow of chi in the room. On the other hand, many feng shui experts advise against placing a mirror immediately in front of your bed since it can lead to infidelity in a relationship and can be unsettling to see your reflection if you wake up in the middle of the night.

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6. Purchase Better Bedding

When thinking about bedding, it is always recommended to choose the one that feels wonderful, and that draws you. Besides, organic cotton sheets are preferable since they are breathable and has no toxin. It is because people cannot get proper sleep if they are extremely chilly or hot. Softness is also important. In general, a higher thread count makes softer sheets. The National Sleep Foundation suggests a thread count of 200 to 400. However, select a lower thread count to aid ventilation in the heat.

7. Decorate With Soothing Hues

Experts recommend earth tones such as blue, green, and brown for the bedroom. The National Sleep Foundation also supports this. When the receptors of the retina, known as ganglion cells, detect the color blue, the blood pressure seems to fall, and heart rate decreases, preparing people for a good night’s sleep.

The soothing hues are relaxing and comforting to the eyes. Whereas the vibrant hues like red and bright pink can be overly energizing, especially at night. If you enjoy such colors, consider incorporating peach, coral, burgundy, or purple into your linens, pillows, or drapes instead of splashing across all four walls.

8. Selectively Use Electronics In Your Room

You guessed correctly. Electronics such as a TV, laptop, and smartphone are not permitted in the bedroom since they might delay or interrupt sleep. For example, if you use the phone for an alarm, make sure to keep it five to ten feet away from the bed to make you get out of bed to turn it off. This way, the devices won’t entice you to check Instagram or Facebook late at night.

9. Plants And Essential Oils May Be Used To Enhance Your Area

While different schools of feng shui disagree on the benefits of keeping plants in the bedroom, some experts feel they are beneficial to sleep. Furthermore, plants’ green tint may calm the eyes and make you feel better.

In addition, seeing a colorful plant in the morning might also help revitalize you. You can also try exaggerating your sense of smell. Scent can sometimes be all required to transform the vibe in a room from frantic and anxious to calm and collected.

10. A Reliable Back Wall

To feel comfortable and fall asleep comfortably, you must be in a protected posture. As a result, the bed should be situated with the top facing the wall, and anyone resting on it should be able to see the door. Your subconscious will see this circumstance as safe and reward you with a restful night’s sleep. for a feng shui sleeping 

11. Fragrances Are Effective

You need fresh air to sleep well. Feng shui sleeping requires that a person make sure that his/her bedroom has adequate oxygen before going to bed, but also open the window as soon as you wake up. A nice aroma, such as lavender, contributes to a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Lavender soothes and promotes restful and comfortable sleep.

12. Maintain A Safe Distance Between Your Bed And The Window

Do you have a Feng Shui bed that faces a window? Feng shui sleeping says avoid sleeping near a window for healthy Feng Shui sleep since a lot of energy seeps through a window. According to Feng Shui, such filtering depletes your vitality, which manifests mostly as weariness.

13. Make Certain That You Have A Wall Behind Your Bed

foe feng shui sleeping technique your bed must have a sturdy headboard that leans against the wall. As a result, the individuals who sleep there will have more support.

14. Appliances Are Not Permitted In The Bedroom

A television in the bedroom is rather usual. However, you should keep this gadget in another room because having televisions and appliances in the bedroom disrupts the excellent energy that must exist in this space, that is why when it comes to feng shui sleeping it makes no difference that the television is off; they negatively impact your sleep.

15. Light Or Neutral-Colored Bedding Is Preferable

Feng shui sleeping avoids dark hues in bed linens, duvets, and bedspreads since they might draw negative energy and disrupt your sleep and wellness.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Sleep

According to feng shui sleeping neutral hues are generally a safe bet for painting the walls of a space. White, dark grey, light gray, and soft earthy hues such as beige and ivory can serve as the ideal canvas for bedroom décor.

Using these colors influences excellent and active sleep, as well as cooling the bedroom and improving the quality of our sleep.

Purple Represents Prosperity

Purple is composed of two colors: calm, relaxing blue and flaming, passionate red. As a result, it is a highly balanced hue, which might be useful in a bedroom. This color is also associated with the wealth sector of the Bagua map and is related to financial luck and self-worth. Try adding soothing lavender colors to your bedroom for greater harmony or to increase thoughts of worthiness.

To Attract A Partner, Use Pink And Peach

Pink represents caring, softness, and femininity. It is connected to the Bagua map‘s Kun region or Relationships. This region Kun is about partnerships and romance. Pink is a marvelous color if you wish to soften a current connection or get a partner into your life.

Peach is an effective hue for enticing a spouse. However, once attracting a partner, change the color, or you might attract other partners. 

Gray For Help

Gray is associated with Bagua’s Qian section. Because it combines black (yin) and white (yang) offers a balanced and soothing effect. In addition, it is quite flexible and may complement many other colors as a neutral. You may also blend gray with another hue in your bedroom to support the other color’s goal.

Balance With Earthy Yellow, Brown, And Orange

Yellow, brown, and orange are feng shui hues linked with the earth element, which is associated with anchoring, stability, and nutrition. As a result, they are perfect colors for a bedroom, primarily if you feel disoriented. Try a soft yellow for a cheery, anchoring accent or a warm terra cotta for a stable, loving setting.


Can Feng Shui Help You Sleep?

Feng shui Sleeping assists in creating a place in one’s bedroom with healing and caring energy, a location that fosters sleep and relaxation, as well as sexual and emotional recovery. When a bedroom has good feng shui, the nervous system relaxes, and we enter a haven of love and safety, all of which are essential for a good night’s sleep.

What Is Bad Feng Shui For The Bedroom?

Feng shui sleeping technique does not allow, aligning a bed in the entryway as it is considered to be the worst conceivable location. Feng shui practitioners refer to it as the ‘dead man’s posture or the ‘coffin posture’ since the feet or head face the door and mimic how we transport the deceased out of the house via open doors.

Is It Bad To Sleep In Front Of A Mirror?

in feng shui sleeping, a mirror facing the bed, according to experts, depletes your energy and causes drowsiness. In addition, the mirror interrupts the tranquility required in a bedroom for better sleep since it doubles and bounces all types of energy.


We hope you will try this Feng Shui Sleeping suggestions. The house reflects what happens inside us; it functions as our second body. At least, this is what Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese technique that uses energy to harmonize places, achieves. These were simple tips for getting a good night’s sleep at home.

It was used in China before Confucianism and Taoism more than three thousand years ago. Therefore, it is critical to consider the intuitive impressions that space sends to us.

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