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Citrine is one of the most potent stones for attracting money, and it may be used in a variety of ways! Now the question arises in your mind of how to use citrine to attract money.

Citrine is well known for its abundant properties. It is the stone of joy, optimism, energy alignment, and a bright demeanor, among other qualities that make it ideal for money manifestation.

When put near a cash register, it is regarded as the “merchant’s stone” because it encourages plenty and financial prosperity. In addition, it can provide mental clarity, a happy perspective, and creative energy.

Its brilliant yellow hue and fire energy attract positive energy in the greatest manner possible: by elevating all of the energy surrounding it, allowing money to flow in from all angles (particularly in unexpected ways!).

What Is Citrine?

Citrine is a crystalline quartz stone that ranges in color from light yellow to reddish-orange. Quartz is a crystalline, hard mineral composed of oxygen and silicon atoms. A highly particular pattern connects all of these atoms.

It is the second most prevalent mineral on the earth after feldspar. It appears in a variety of color spectrums, but the ones that look like citrus fruits come under the ‘citrine’ group.

Citrine has grown in popularity in recent years. Citrine means “lemon” in various languages and properly describes this citrus-colored jewel.

Meaning And Uses Of Citrine

Citrine inspires warmth, sun, and brilliance because of its bright colors. Thus, the stones have long been associated with romance, positivism, and happiness.

This gemstone has recently evolved into a symbol of emotional well-being, mental clarity, new beginnings, freshness, or vigor due to the roots of its name.


Citrine is a fantastic addition to jewelry because it gives a stunning splash of color and complements most ensembles with its rich earth tones.

Citrine is said to carry solar energy, as its colors are akin to the sun. As a result, it is an excellent stone with several therapeutic powers for mental and physical diseases.

Citrine has been regarded as “The Merchant’s Stone” throughout history because people believe it may attract money. Citrine is a feng shui stone that provides good fortune and riches.

Importance Of Citrine Crystal In Feng Shui

The stone is thought to assist its bearer in boosting their self-esteem emotionally. Citrine is also known to promote positive and lively energy flow in and around the body. Citrine’s physical therapeutic effects include aiding digestion and increasing endurance.

Types of Citrine Crystal For Manifesting Money

Consider giving them a try if you are experiencing financial difficulties or just wish to retain success, clarity, and riches in your life.

Manifesting fortune with devotion with the assistance of energy stones can give you a clear heart and mind, allowing you to complete your purpose. Just pick up the perfect crystals to improve your vision and utilize them correctly.

Here’s the lowdown on the greatest crystals for manifesting money and wealth without becoming a crystal expert.

  1. Citrine

Citrine crystal is a money crystal for manifestation. It’s also known as the Merchant’s Stone since it brings financial prosperity to your house and company.

Citrine also promotes riches, money, and success and welcomes new beginnings. Many company owners keep a slice of citrine inside the cash register to attract abundant energy. It is also useful to keep in your pocket, wallet, or purse to attract money and wealth.

  1. Pyrite

It is another excellent gem for money manifestation. But, unfortunately, people mistake the dazzling golden color for raw, genuine gold. As a result, Pyrite is sometimes known as fool’s gold.

This stone boosts your confidence when it comes to making wise decisions, overcoming shyness, and increasing willpower. In addition, it is a fantastic choice for abundance manifestation and promotes the solar plexus chakra.

Furthermore, this magnificent stone helps to obtain a clear head to provide you with the intelligence to face challenging work-related decisions at the office.

  1. Green Jade

This strong crystal is a common stone in Chinese and other ancient civilizations for attracting attributes such as courage, justice, compassion, humanity, and knowledge.

Jade comes in a variety of hues, although green stones are typically associated with financial plenty. This manifestation stone also signifies tranquility and purity, bringing you good fortune and peace.

  1. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine, commonly known as the opportunity stone, is another crystal that can help manifest money and wealth. In addition, green aventurine provides the energy to break old habits and seek fresh chances for positive development.

Aventurine boosts your confidence, motivation, inventiveness, and tenacity, allowing you to break free from your comfort zone and discover that new career that will allow you to succeed and bring more happiness into your life.

  1. Rose Quartz

 It is a famous healing gemstone, also known as the unconditional love stone. This lovely stone calms your heart, infusing it with pleasant energy and peace, which is why it works with the throat and heart chakras.

This stone provides you with the personal power to conquer hard labor and remove energy blockages. Use this stone to attract positive connections and stay focused at work.

Communication with coworkers or partners will make everything more amicable and easy. As a result, money and wealth will flow more freely in your life.

  1. Amethyst

This crystal is used to help focus on an important meeting or project, use this strong stone to regulate negative energy, gain wisdom, enforce motivation, passion, creativity, and more. The amethyst gemstone links the crown chakra and the third eye.

It is a crystal therapy that reduces migraines, relaxes the mind, strengthens the immune system, and promotes sound sleep.

It is considered to be associated with the third eye since it stimulates the senses and promotes good thinking. Therefore, giving a piece of this crystal in the manifestation process is vital since it aids decision-making, provides good energy, and clears your mind. Furthermore, because of its proximity to the head, amethyst crystal is one of the most commonly utilized in jewelry, which is a convenient method to carry them.

Does Citrine Attract Money?

Citrine is said to be an abundance stone, attracting money and opportunities to the user. Citrine was known as the “Merchant Stone” because it was used in cash registers in Asian countries to entice clients. Citrine is also used as an accessory, home décor, and in crystal grids.

How To Use Citrine To Attract Money?

Citrine has a strong vibrational frequency that corresponds to riches and plenty. Therefore, it is a potent crystal for manifestation.

If you want to attract wealth, Citrine can assist you. It will align your energy with monetary success. In addition, you may combine it with the attraction law to enhance its effects.

Citrine is a gem to help you achieve your economic objectives. It encourages you to release negativity and have room for plenty to come in. One of the finest things to be done if you run a business is to have a piece of Citrine in your cash register.

What Does Citrine Do?

Citrine is said to help cleanse chakras, creating a better sense of alertness and spiritual relation to oneself. It is believed that it will make you wiser and more perceptive.

Citrine is related to the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. The former is necessary for both creation and manifestation. A healthy sacral chakra is essential for awakening one’s powers and creative imagination. People think that the stone’s energy penetrates the bearer’s body straight from the sacral chakra and then extends through the solar plexus, heightening willpower.

Citrine encourages us to look to the future and envisage what may be rather than being caught in the past.

How To Use Citrine Crystals For Healing

The stone is thought to assist its bearer in boosting their self-esteem emotionally. In addition, Citrine is also known to promote positive and lively energy flow in and around the body.

Citrine’s physical therapeutic effects include aiding digestion and increasing endurance. Healers employed these stones in ancient times to cleanse the body of impurities, enhance blood circulation, and boost the immune system. Citrine is like a natural hot spring in gemstone form! The stone was also utilized to fend off sickness and protect against dangerous snakes.

What Crystals Go With Citrine

Citrine, according to experts, may work well with a variety of different gems, and there are none that they would advise against combining it with.

  • On the other hand, Citrine is commonly paired with amethyst or rose quartz by experts since they have the same origin.
  • It is also said to function well with grounding crystals such as black tourmaline, smokey quartz, and hematite.
  • They also claim that sodalite is an excellent partner to citrine. “They are not the opposite of each other on the color wheel, but they’re very near.” That means they have a really beautiful balance of energies.

Where To Place A Citrine In The Home

Citrine is commonly put in your house, office’s wealth, or southeast corner. It is frequently kept at a workstation, on financial paperwork, or in a cash register. However, when put in the middle of your house, Citrine may also promote energy and well-being.

Top 7 Citrine Stone Benefits

  • The stone is thought to absorb and transform solar energy to benefit the user. Legend has it that the stone may alter both the physical and spiritual realms by changing negative energy into good. It is also one of just two stones on the planet that does not require cleansing or recharging. Having said that, selenite is the best recharging crystal.
  • It is a fantastic stone for enhancing interpersonal interactions. The energy of the citrine stone is supposed to boost general health and happiness.
  • It is believed to be an ideal giving stone. A citrine may promote intellect, health, mental clarity, confidence, and interest in a newborn.
  • Citrines can boost physical stamina and vitality in certain people. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the stone is excellent for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and degenerative illness.
  • It is also excellent for harmonizing the spleen and pancreas.
  • Citrines also appear excellent for chakra balancing by ensuring that all body points are in equilibrium.
  • It is believed to benefit the business. It may enhance cash flow, promote business and prosperity, and promote philanthropy. It can help you with whatever financial opportunity you want. It can also maintain financial and emotional stability. Citrines are best carried in your wallet or placed prominently in your office for the most effectiveness.

How To Charge Citrine Crystals

According to the expert, any of your normal techniques of washing or charging can be employed. However, you must be careful not to leave your crystal out in the sun for too long since this might cause citrine to fade. To be safe, charge it in the sun for no more than 15 minutes.

You may also charge it in ways that are particular to your specific intention. For example, they recommend charging your citrine on top of a photo of yourself if you’re using it for self-confidence.

Citrine Stone Side Effects

Citrine is a therapeutic gem with several benefits. However, like with many other stones, it might have undesirable side effects and worsen pre-existing issues before giving the relief you require.

Remember that these adverse effects will vary depending on your sensitivity to the crystal. In addition, Citrine can have a number of side effects, listed below.


Citrine has been reported to cause dizziness, mild migraines, and a sensation of separation from the body in some users.

Citrine is a highly stimulating gemstone with strong vibrations. Dizziness might indicate that the Solar Plexus chakra is opening. You may feel light-headed or dizzy when energy is released and passed through the chakras.

Don’t be concerned if you experience dizziness after utilizing your Citrine stone. The symptom should go away after your chakra’s vitality is restored.


Fatigue is a common sign of an overactive Solar Plexus chakra. If it is already in overdrive, consuming Citrine may increase the effect, and this imbalance may result in a barrier in the energy flow. Then you may be prone to stomach troubles, poor self-esteem, and feelings of victimization.

These issues might cause tension and weariness in the long term, leaving you with little energy or bravery to face your everyday tasks. If you have this symptom, consider taking a vacation from your Citrine crystal.

Mood Changes

Citrine is a strong vibrational stone that can sometimes make you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. Citrine aids in the processing of repressed emotions, which alter your mental patterns and behaviors.

People with a rigorous upbringing or previous traumas may be more exposed to this damaging effect. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try Amethyst or Rose Quartz, two gems that induce tranquility. This should assist in balancing out the strong vibrations of your Citrine gemstone.


Another stated symptom of your Solar Plexus chakra opening is nausea. It is frequently accompanied by shaking and vibrations and is caused by your body expelling concerns and uncertainties.

The profitable news is that this symptom should pass quickly. Take deep breaths whenever you feel queasy until the symptoms pass. This is a good indication if you feel sick after handling or wearing your Citrine stone!


The major emotional symptoms of a Solar Plexus chakra imbalance are hostile conduct and a lack of self-control. If your third energy center is already hyperactive, utilizing Citrine will increase its activity and cause impulsive behaviors such as rage, irritation, or impatience.

Wearing Citrine may also encourage impulsive behavior and lead to reckless actions. People who struggle with anger control should avoid using Citrine or consider mixing it with other stones to mitigate its effects.

How To Cleanse Citrine Crystals

According to the Gemological Institute of America, citrine crystals may be cleaned using warm, soapy water. Steam cleaning is not advised since citrine should not be heated. If the stone is not discolored or fractured, ultrasonic cleaners are safe.

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

According to feng shui experts, the left hand is for receiving energy, and the right is for giving. This implies that wearing it on the left hand will aid in absorbing its beneficial energy. Therefore, it can help to draw positive energy. This Yellowstone aids in the manifestation of your objectives by attracting good energy.

This attracts riches into your life if you wear the Citrine, the God of Wealth Bracelet. It is also supposed to help bring forth your own power. This is helpful if you are in a poor mood.

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Is it Possible To Sleep With Citrine?

Yes, citrine jewelry can be worn to bed.

Wear any piece of this lovely stone when sleeping, whether it’s a necklace, earrings, or bracelet. Wearing citrine when you get up can assist you in staying positive. Citrine may be too stimulating for some, but most individuals can handle its energy.

Is It Acceptable To Wear Citrine Each Day?

Yes, citrine may be worn every day. However, you should cleanse your bracelet on a regular basis to remove any bad energy that has gathered in the stone beads.

Can Citrine And Black Tourmaline Be Worn Together?

Black Tourmaline and Citrine combination was designed to shield the user from bad energies. Black Tourmaline is more well-recognized metaphysically to aid with negativity, although it is also considered a lucky stone.

Can I Wear Citrine And Black Tourmaline Together?

This Black Tourmaline and Citrine combination was designed with the goal of shielding the wearer from bad energies. Black Tourmaline is more generally recognized metaphysically for its ability to aid with negativity, although it is also seen as a lucky stone.

Can I Wear Citrine And Emerald Together?

Emerald, commonly known as the “stone of successful love,” is one of the most effective gemstones for attracting passion and romance. This crystal complements many others, but the fundamental advantage of matching it with Citrine is that both stones encourage friendliness.


Citrine is a lovely crystal, and the ability to start again, the wonderful dawn comparison, and utilizing it to attract prosperity are all amazing benefits.

It’s simple to see why citrine necklaces and bracelets are so popular, particularly as gift options. However, the citrine gemstone and citrine clusters are exquisite and suitable for both men and women. Citrine clusters are, in fact, one of the most powerful stones for males. You can read the above blog to learn how to use citrine to attract money.

Citrine is the finest stone to attract money if you or a coworker are beginning a business.

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