How To Get Unstuck In Life | Top 21 Feng Shui Tips

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Sometimes, nothing works for us, and we are stuck in our life. Have you been feeling this way recently? Are you willing to replace stagnant energy with some fresh energy in your life? If so, you are on the right page.

However, remember everything that happens in your life is also connected with your home. So, you must follow some feng shui tips to help flow feng shui energy in your home to ensure you can unstick your life and feel fresh again.

How To Get Unstuck In Life Using Feng Shui Tips

Get Unstuck In Life Using Feng Shui Tips

Feng shui believes that Chi is a life force of energy. However, sometimes the flow of Chi can degrade and can become stagnant. The stuck energy that expands in your life makes your life worse. The best thing you can do is to apply feng shui tips for home to help create a better flow of energy.

We present you with the top 21 feng shui tips to try to get unstuck in your life. With these tips, you can learn to remove the items to help bring positive energies that make everything work again. Then, heal yourself to come out of that situation:

1. Move 27 things

Items that remain unused or cleaned produce stuck and stagnant energy. The accumulated dirt dust produces negative energy. Feng shui experts believe that moving 27 items from their original place can be a feng shui home cure to remove stagnant energy. It is one of the important feng shui tips to declutter your home properly.

Feng shui experts consider number 9 to be lucky (2+7=9). Therefore, when you move 27 things from their position, you stir up the Chi and help things move again.

If you are trying to manifest something particular in your life, such as a new home, new partner, new job, or money, but you fail to manifest for some unknown reason, you should try moving 27 items in your home. Bear in mind that the items are not required to be large. You can even move 27 pieces of smaller items or junk. 

Using one of this feng shui tips can help unstuck your life. The items you choose to move will activate the life force energy “Chi” and remove the stagnant energy. You can move them to new locations, clean, dust, or even throw them away. But you will have to set the intention before you choose to move, clean, or throw away the items to help the free flow of positive energy. 

2. Check Your Personal Feng Shui Energy Flow

You might be stuck when you are confused or need clarity. It is to inform you that you cannot forget your personal energy flow as well. Energy might also get stuck in your body, causing you ill or that blocks manifestations. Feng shui tips can help cure your personal energy flow is to remove the stuck or stagnant energy from your body to help new energy replace and freshen up. 

Listed are some feng shui tips you can follow to create your positive energy flow and prepare yourself for new manifestations:

  • Turn on the music and dance for ten minutes.
  • Sage yourself to freshen up your aura.
  • You can also meditate for some minutes.
  • Do yoga, go for everyday walks, and do an intense workout.
  • Make yourself lemon water to keep yourself hydrated and freshen your vibration.
  • Take an Epsom salt bath and visualize all the negative energy getting washed while bathing. Then think that you have a refreshing aura that brings what you want.
  • Write down 100 things that can help your manifestation. It will help to freshen up the ideas even if the things are ridiculous.
  • Sometimes our minds can be filled with negativity, or we can be upset. In this condition, get yourself a pillow and yell to remove the energy from your body.
  • You can also go out and put your feet in the dirt or grass and imagine that all the stuck energy is removed through your feet. You can imagine new energy entering your body from the earth and filling you with vibrant energy. 

To remove the stagnant energy and freshen up your energy, you can try out the feng shui tips mentioned. Even though you feel like it will help, you will never lose anything. Instead, it will lift your mood. 

3. Clean Under Each Piece Of Furniture

Feng shui tips strictly involves cleanliness. The space under the furniture is rarely cleaned and is where energy is stuck. It is the most ignored space in our homes as most don’t vacuum, dust or mop under these spaces. If you have not done it in a while as well as you feel sad or frustrated, take some time to move the furniture and clean the space. It will not just refresh the area but also freshen the air. Hence, it is another most important feng shui tips to unstuck oneself from stagnant energy.

4. Clean Your Mirrors

Feng shui experts believe mirrors double up anything they reflect, be it positive or negative energy. In addition, mirrors also illustrate how we see ourselves. 

Dirty mirrors produce negative energy and tend to distort the images, and the visible things are unclear. So if you are depressed, have negative feelings, or your life isn’t moving forward, check out the mirrors. 

Feng shui tips says mirrors enhance the area of your home. Check out the areas where you have put a mirror. If you have placed a mirror in the dining room that reflects the table and the table is piled up with clutters, remove the piled-up items to help reflect cleanliness in the wealth area. 

If you have a mirror across from the entry door, remove it from the area so that it does not reflect the energy out as soon as it enters. Furthermore, check out the mirrors placed in the bathroom; if it is dirty, clean them up.

Therefore, check all the mirrors in your home to ensure they are clean and not blocked by any negative energy. If not, make sure to clean so that the reflection is vibrant and fresh. 

5. Clean Your Entry Door And Shake Out The Doormat

The front door is the way through which energy enters the home. So when you draw in positive energy and new manifestations and get things to move in the right direction, the entry door is the place to make a great start. 

To unstuck your doorway energy use feng shui tips to create positivity. You must use water, a little dish soap, and a pinch of salt to clean your door. It helps to clean the energy and wipes dirt or dust. First, however, do not forget to shake your doormat to remove the dirt away. 

The stagnant energy in the doorway blocks the fresh energy from getting in. To bring something new into your home, wash the front door to show nature that you are ready to invite new and fresh energy into your home. 

6. Perform A Powerful Smudging Ritual

Smudging is a powerful ritual listed in feng shui tips. You can perform a powerful smudging ritual throughout your house when you feel stuck and cannot find which direction to go. The smudging ritual helps remove the negative, old, stagnant energy that is charged with negative ions.

Once you help yourself to remove the negatively charged environment periodically, you will feel fresh. Feng shui tips help you get away from arguments, or any negativity, leaving your home filled with positivity. 

7. Clean Your Windows

The window is the area through which you view the world and represents how others view you. When you have a dirty window, you might be unable to consider new opportunities whenever they appear. Therefore, it is responsible for blocking manifestation. On the other hand, a window will give you a fresh perspective.

Windows lets fire energy into the house, which, when cleaned, can activate and accelerate the manifesting energy. You will require vinegar, a little salt, and lemon juice to clean your windows.

8. Check Out The Bagua

A Bagua map is the feng shui map of the home. Using Bagua map for clearing negativity from your home is among one of the best feng shui tips. It shows the areas of the house that correspond to the areas of your life. If you are trying to manifest a particular thing and it is not coming, the Bagua map will help you find the zone you must focus on. For instance, if you are willing to manifest a life partner, you must concentrate on the Bagua of the relationship area and your bedroom.

If you want a promotion, you must focus on the career area. Then, after discovering the area, declutter, clear the energies, and perform other feng shui tips to remove the stuck energy. 

9. Clothes In Poor Condition

You might have clothes in poor condition and still in the closet. Feng shui tips says let go of unnecessary items including clothes. Endeavor to let go of the clothes that are now unnecessary. You can also divide them into clothes to throw, clothes you can donate, and others you can still keep. Take some time out to clean the closet and arrange them properly.

10. Electronics That Don’t Work

It is no surprise that we always have electronic items that have been kept in the drawer for several years. We think of fixing them, although we know that it might not happen, and it turns out to be obsolete piece over time. You can either recycle these items or can dump them in the dustbin. Feng shui tips says to make sure to remove them from your house. It will not only release the stagnant energy but also declutter your space where you can store something important. In addition, if you choose to recycle, it can help the environment.

11. Mismatched Socks

The mystery of having only a solitary piece of the sock after every wash still remains unsolved. But assess what you are going to do with the unmatched socks. If you cannot find a good use for the socks, you can just dump them in the dustbin, or you can create exciting artworks or crafts out of them. The choice is yours. But make sure it does not keep your space cluttered as an unnecessary item. According to feng shui tips decluttering is the certified tip for clearing negativity.

12. Broken Jewelry

According to feng shui tips broken stuff creates negativity. You might have a broken or missing piece of earrings or pendant that cannot be fixed. But these small pieces can take up space and fill them with stagnant energy. The best thing you can do is to assess if the jewelry adds value to your life. If the piece is attached to your negative emotion, you can nominate it to throw in the trash.

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13. Invoices And Papers

Invoices and papers might take up much of your space. So, you can divide them according to their use. For example, there might be invoices and documents that you might need in the future. Keep the necessary paper and discard the ones that take up unnecessary space. Furthermore, you can receive digital invoices rather than paper ones. You can ask your suppliers for a digital one. As per feng shui tips unnecessary stuff is not relevant for your energy.

14. Half-Used Notebooks

As per feng Shui tips, half-used or partially filled notebooks are considered to be stagnant energy and can create clutter in your living space. We generally have several half-used notebooks on the shelf that might be from the course completed three years ago. Assess which notebooks are necessary, and the rest dump in the trash.

15. Discharged Batteries

As per feng shui tips having discharged batteries at home is not good for positive energy of flow at your home. We all have a drawer full of discharged batteries that we have no intention of using in the future. You can take a container and keep all the batteries you want to discard. And once you fill it, you can take it to the recycling center. In addition, remember not to throw or burn them as they are highly polluting items.

16. Shoes You Do Not Wear

It is always good to take a glance at your wardrobe and periodically detach some of the unnecessary shoes. You can take three boxes, one box to place the shoes to throw away in the trash and a second box that is in good condition but you do not intend to use, which you can also choose to donate. And the third box with shoes that are going to stay with you for long. According to feng shui tips unnecessary shoes creates clutter which is not good for positivity at your home.

17. Used Wrapping Paper

As per feng shui tips used wrapping paper either be trashed or reuse. You might have various wrappers and decide to keep them for long and reuse them. But in the end, they always end up in the same closet corner, wrinkled for years. Finally, you can throw out these wrappers in the trash. This feng shui tips can help you declutter your space as well as remove the stuck energy.

18. Expired Medications

According to Feng Shui tips expired medications are considered to be stagnant or negative energy. Look at your medicine cabinet and review the medications according to their expiration dates. Then, collect the expired medicines and take them to the pharmacies’ recycling bins. Thus, you can also consider it another best feng shui tips.

19. Gifts That You Don’t Like

We all have gifts from our favorite person, our mother, aunt, brother, or invisible friend, during Christmas. Assess what is negatively attached to your emotions and the ones positively attached. Gift or donate them so that they can value it. As per feng shui tips adding value to your things creates positivity.

20. Incomplete Tableware

Having one place from one set of dishes and four from another is not the best. It can neither serve a decorative purpose nor a practical sense. So, you can donate them and purchase a set that suits you best.

21. Accessories From The Past

The last feng shui tips you should follow is to keep yourself away from the past accessories. You might have cell phones and other accessories from the past. Take a look at those items and clear the space by collecting and giving them to the recycling center. Remember never to throw them away as they might harm the environment. Besides, you can also save space in your drawers.

Feng Shui To Remove Negative Energy At Home

Following are the best feng shui tips to remove negative energy from your home:

  • Air out everything: The first of the feng shui tips is to remove the negative energy from your home. Open all the windows and doors and let the fresh air in. Shake the blankets and pillows too. 
  • Burn incense: The fragrance of the incense has been a spiritual practice. With incense, you can create a calm atmosphere. 
  • Repair or remove broken items: Broken things represent negative energy. So immediately fix or throw away the broken items. 
  • Remove clutter: Dirty items retain lots of energy besides making you feel tired and stressed. Therefore, you should remove clutter periodically to relieve such stress. 
  • Salt each corner of all the rooms: You can pour all the four corners of all your rooms and let it sit for two days. You can then sweep the salt and throw it in the trash. It ensures you have removed the negative energy. 
  • Remove sharp corners: The sharp corners or angles can bring negative energy. So, you can use round lamp shades or decorate with circular items such as round tables or round jewelry boxes to help receive positive energy. 
  • Neutral colors: Neutral colors provide a relaxing environment. Therefore, paint the walls with neutral colors and add curtains accordingly. 
  • Protect your entrances: Doors and windows are entrances either to receive negative or positive energy. To keep these areas purified, you can fill a bucket of water with salt, white vinegar, and lemon juice and then wipe the windows and door knobs with this mixture. Then put some sea salt under the doormat’s entrances to protect your entrances from entering negative energy. 


How Can I Improve My Feng Shui Life?

Human life is connected with nature. And feng shui principles state that placing the nature elements in order can only help you improve your life mentally and physically. You can start clearing the clutters and locating the command position in your room. Next, place all the items in the command position. Thirdly, redo your bedroom. It is the area of recovery and intimacy. Finally, position the furniture in the command position while removing the electronic gadgets, mirrors, or television from the room to make it a feng shui-approved room. 

Fourth, you should embrace the elements of nature and place them in a position to balance their energy. Then, you can add all these elements to your space to create a balance of energies. Lastly, feng shui tips also include keeping the kitchen in proper condition. It is the source of the family’s health. So make sure to keep all the appliances in working order and ensure no blocked energy. You can organize your cabinets periodically and fix what is broken to eliminate the negative energy. 

What Causes A Person To Feel Stuck?

A person can get stuck for various reasons. Some of the reasons can be your false objectives, not having enough support from your loved ones, not showing your full capabilities, or when you are in a bad relationship.

When you live a life with false objectives, you do not have a destination, and you feel stuck and irritated since you will have no chance to feel satisfied or fulfilled. In addition, you might feel stuck when you are doing work that does not allow you to maximize your strength. It shows that whatever you do does not bring out the best version in you. And this might not be very pleasant. 

Furthermore, you might feel stuck when you do not have the support you long from your peers, mentor or parents. Sometimes, it also happens that you are in a bad relationship that has sapped all your energy and left you feeling stuck in your life. However, it may seem very tough at the beginning, but if you follow the feng shui tips, you can feel yourself breaking the negative energy in you. 

How Do You Get Unstuck From Negative Emotions?

You can follow the simple feng shui tips to unstuck from the negative emotions:

  • Finding inner peace: Inner peace comes with thoughts. However, changing the pattern of thoughts you have been stuck with can take a long time and is also difficult. Only trying to think positively about the situation can be difficult. But you can begin by recognizing unproductive, repetitive, or negative thoughts when they occur. 

You can bring conscious attention to your thinking patterns and bring awareness, which will make you mindful. Bear in mind that negative thoughts occur only when you either dwell in the past or the second when you worry about the future. 

So, redirect your thoughts to the present moment rather than the past. For instance, focus on the flavors while eating, or do one thing at a time, fully experiencing and enjoying the tasks. 

  • Change your thinking: You can change your thoughts by developing inner awareness. For example, a positive emotion or positive thought can help you effectively face your everyday situations. Practice more to be present in the present to eliminate the habit of being with negativity. You will then develop a sense of peace. 

Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?

Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?

Feng shui is an art that helps to make you aware of how your environment affects you. It offers methods to change the way you live and enables you to achieve results.


We hope you have learned how to unstick yourself from negative things through the feng shui tips. When you take a moment to arrange everything in order, you can help yourself unstuck from the negativity that has been holding you. Everything has the right place, and putting those in order can enable you to succeed. When you apply this method, you will realize how it relieves and brings new air into your life.


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