How To Clean Out Your Closet For Good Feng Shui

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Many of us have noticed that most households have disorganized closets. But unfortunately, the people expose themselves to that chaotic energy and bring it with them when they open their closet doors.

As a result, if you want to attract Feng Shui energy into your home, your closets must be as clean and ordered as the rest of your house. You must know how to clean out your closet accordingly.

Let us first examine why clutter is terrible for your house (particularly Feng Shui Closets), and then we will give some helpful advice on how to clean out your closet using the Feng Shui method.

Why And How To Clean Out Your Closet As Per Feng Shui

An overloaded and untidy closet prevents auspicious “chi” energy from circulating through your home. Feng shui can guide you on why and how to clean out your closet for good and positive energy.

You may have spent time beautifying the visible sections of your home in accordance with Feng Shui principles. However, if your closets aren’t clean, you won’t get the full advantages of your work.

Because of the chaos in your storage area, chi energy will be unable to move freely. Though closets are not placed out in the open, they are a significant part of your house. However, in order to sustain a healthy flow of energy, they must be carefully organized.

Impact Of Closet Clutter

As per feng shui guidance over how to clean out your closet for a flow of positive energy, It is easy to recognize the closet clutter that negatively influences your family life. Here are some indicators you may notice in your life as a result of your home’s cluttered closets:

You could be getting ill more frequently and noticing a gradual decrease in your health. If you find yourself stalled at work for no apparent reason, your cluttered closets might be to blame. Your wealth and possessions may be progressively dwindling due to disorderly closets.

Cluttered Closet Areas

Cluttered closet areas can negatively impact the flow of energy in your home according to Feng Shui guidance over how to clean out your closet. Small closets around the house sometimes get missed during routine cleaning. One such space is the entryway closet. Because chi energy enters your home through the foyer, it must be kept clean at all times.

According to Feng Shui guidance over how to clean out your closet, the most important place in the house is the entryway. Thus, you should focus on clearing this space. In addition, most households have linen closets near the frequently cluttered bathrooms.

As a result, you must maintain this region clean. Remember that clutter in the closets will hinder the free movement of chi energy. Keep these storage areas orderly and neat to prevent accumulating stagnant energy.

What Are The Basic Rules For Cleaning Out The Closet?


What Are The Basic Rules For Cleaning Out The Closet?

Clutter disrupts the flow of positive energy, which causes tension in our life. That disturbance generated by it will bring you and your family a lot of problems, so you must clean these clutters to overcome this.

We understand what you’re thinking: how to clear out and arrange your clothes closet? Also, how to clear out your closet when you wish to keep all the items? Well, we know organizing is difficult. However, clothes closet organization is always necessary in order to keep organized.

However, if you want a clean closet, you must first learn to cleanse your closet properly. Then, you may use this simple three-step procedure to help you clear up your closet of clothes:

1. Removing

If you don’t know how to clean out your closet, simply take out a piece of the mess. While doing so, place the things one by one in the boxes labelled “keep,” “storage,” and “throw/donate.” After you have completed this simple step, you will have removed a large amount of clutter from your storage area.

2. Organizing

The next step in ‘how to clean out a closet‘ is to group the goods before storing them. For example, you may organize them by color, frequency of usage, or season. It will ensure that there is a good flow of energy every time you open the closet door. This energy will increase your joy and cheerfulness.

3. Decorating

If you want to be more creative, you might attempt these basic closet reorganization tricks. You may, for example, use similar hangers, hooks, a closet organizer for the wardrobe, and so on.

You may discover how to clear up your closet when you have a lot of unique clothes by using these simple tips.

We understand what you’re thinking: how to clean out your closet and arrange systematically? Also, how to clean out your closet when you wish to keep all the items? Well, we know organizing is difficult. However, clothes closet organization is always necessary in order to keep organized.

However, if you want a clean closet, you must first learn to cleanse your closet properly. Then, you may use this simple four-step procedure to help you on how to clean out your closet for clothes:

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How To Get Rid Of Your Clothes In Your Closet?

You can’t keep all of your clothing. So, you may be wondering, “How can I clear out my closet when I can’t buy new clothes?”

Well, you should understand that uncomfortably fitting garments will always be stored in the wardrobe. You’re not going to put them on. So get rid of such garments now. Identifying and getting rid of unused items is the first step in Feng Shui apparel.

1. Get Rid Of Clothes That Have Strains Or Are Uncomfortable

To retain just the clothes you adore, you could have purchased some clothing that you liked at the time.

However, recognizing the items that are no longer necessary is critical. As a result, if you wish to dress confidently, avoid keeping any items that make you feel self-conscious.

2. Identify Clothes You No Longer Love

We modified our style several times as we grew older. You change with the trends and ultimately develop your own style.

However, if you store your old clothing in your closet, you will never be able to buy things that you genuinely adore at the time. So instead, make room for the new you by getting rid of outdated clothes that no longer match your style.

3. Take Out The Clothes That Don’t Fit Your Style

Our closets are filled with some clothes that are a little old, outdated, or you don’t feel like wearing them, so it will be easy for you to remove them, which will contribute to making your closet clean.

4. Donate Clothes That You Haven’t Worn In Over A Year

Look for clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. You would not wear them again if you did not buy them within the previous year. It is preferable to donate them to be used by someone else so that these garments can eventually find a new home.

How To Organize Your Closet – 15 Essential Tips


How To Organize Your Closet - 15 Essential Tips

We will share some tips which can help you in organizing your closet, and they are listed below-

1. Plan Ahead

You cannot tidy your closet in a single day. You must know how to prioritize a closet clean-up and consider how much time you want to devote to it.

We propose that you divide this activity into little chunks and accomplish them in a few hours each day. Whatever you decide, ensure you’re happy with your decision. Otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed by the workload.

2. Clean The Inside Area

When you remove items from one section of the closet, remember to clean that section of the closet thoroughly. Then, use a vacuum or wipes to verify that the part is clean and ready for a new start. It will also help you keep the closet tidy in the future.

3. Brighten Up The Shelves

According to Feng Shui guidance over how to clean out your closet, your closet should never be gloomy or filthy. If you believe it requires a facelift, you may add a fresh coat of paint or cover it with shelf paper. You may also place a little light inside the closet.

4. Pick What You Want To Keep

Do you genuinely believe you require whatever you just retrieved from the closet? The response would be yes for some of the goods and no for the others. Feng Shui guidance over how to clean out your closet says either separate your extra clothes for donation or better make it for reuse in a very systematic manner. You can also toss them away if they are no longer fit for usage.

5. Pick What You Want To Store

We pack our closets with clothes that we don’t wear daily. It might be because they are only worn during the season or on special occasions.

6. Combine Smaller Items

To discover how to simplify your wardrobe and clear up your closet, organize your closet by putting related things together, such as belts, pants, and accessories. Then, ensure to keep them together to pick them up more easily while dressing up.

7. Hang Your Clothes In The Front

You must have some favorite outfits that you wear regularly. They must be hanging or put at the front of the closet where you can readily discover them every other day.

You won’t have to make a mess when you bring them out of the rear in a hurry, either. Similarly, those that you only wear on a certain number of days can be properly stored in the rear.

8. Choose The Right Hangers

Fine lingerie and evening gowns should be hung on satin hangers, while coats should be hung on solid wood hangers. You may also use thin profile hangers to save room in your closet. Whatever hangers you use, the garments should be correctly hung on them.

9. Pick What You Want To Keep In Drawers/Bins

Items that do not need to be hung should be stored in the drawers. You may put your odd or casual things inside and organize them with dividers. You can also roll up your nightwear and store it in these containers.

10. Store Clothes The Right Way

While sorting things, try folding some clothing on the shelf, such as t-shirts and sweaters. It will offer you extra space inside and make these objects visible every time you open the door.

11. Use Wall Space For Accessories

To store your accessories, invest in closet organizers such as sticky hooks. To keep your closet tidy and clean, you may hang scarves, purses, and fake jewelry on them.

12. Decide If You Need More Bins

Sometimes we overestimate our demand for room and acquire more than we need. Decide what you want to save in bins while cleaning out your closet. Only get the containers from the shop once you’ve determined how much more storage you’ll require.

13. Make The Closet Multipurpose

If you believe your closet still has enough room, you may boost its usability by making some modifications. For example, for storing shoes and accessories, use an over-the-door shoe rack. You may also add a mirror to the closet door to maximize room.

14. Ensure A Cohesive Look

After you’ve sorted the closet, look for tiny improvements you may make. For example, make an effort to use matching hangers, name the bins correctly, and hang the clothing in the same orientation. According to Feng Shui, it would make it simpler to find things, but it would also provide a harmonious flow.

15. Maintain The Closet Once You Are Done

If you have worked hard and the closet seems just how you envisioned it, you should make an effort to keep it organized. you can even make your own schedule or guide on when and how to clean out your closet. Set a remainder either on your phone or on a calendar to rearrange your closet on a regular basis. Cleaning regularly will need considerably less time and work in the future.


You may unblock the chi energy flow in your home by cleaning out the closet clutter utilizing Feng Shui methods.

You may also search for similar methods online, like ‘Project 333 how to clean out your closet,’ etc. It is crucial to remember that keeping your closet tidy will attract positive energy, ensuring harmony in your life and relationships. You may also learn to organize and save a lot of time by following these closet Feng Shui step by step instructions.

By following these tips, you can figure out how to clean out your closet and declutter areas according to Feng Shui principles and create a more harmonious and balanced energy in your home.

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