Fu Dogs Usage And Placement Guide For Good Feng Shui 

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 Fu Dogs are Chinese lions. A Fu dog statue is half dragon and half lion. They represent security and power. These statues were used in Asian countries by the rich and powerful to glorify their luxury and magnificence. It is very important to place these dogs at their rightful location to harness their energies. From standing outside a building door, the male lion should be placed on the right side while the female lion dog should be placed on the left.

Feng shui recommends placing these dogs on both sides of an entryway to a building. The statues should be facing the entry to a house. Small variants of Fu Dogs, such as bookends, can be kept together with the male dog on the right and the female on the left. 

What Is The Meaning Of Fu Dog?


What is the meaning of Fu Dog?


Fu Dogs are mythical Chinese animals symbolizing protection. Marble Fu Dogs are found in Asian countries outside palaces, historical buildings and even some tombs. They act as guard dogs and are known to keep the negative energies away. Lions represent protectiveness in Buddhism culture followed in China. Fu Dogs are intended to be so ferocious that they keep all the negative energies at bay.

All the sacred and religious places in China are found to be guarded by these dogs. They also symbolize wealth. Keeping these dogs outside your house or office can boost your finances. A pair of male and female Fu Dogs will safeguard you against theft, robberies, evil spirits and misfortune. The ball held by a male dog is meant to represent the world, and the cub held by the female dog represents nurturing spirit. 

Types Of Fu Dogs


Fu Dogs are of different types. Fu Dogs in black or dark-coloured shades are symbolic of water elements and can be used to boost your career, knowledge and social connections. Chinese Fu Dogs target the wood element and relate to new beginnings and success in shades of green or blue. Chinese dog statues in shades of jade green can invite extra good luck. 

There are Fu Dogs available in ceramic as well, which symbolize wellness and nourishment. Statues made of metal bring clarity and organization to your homeplace. Red-coloured Fu Dogs bring more inspiration and boost your reputation. 

The male Fu dog represents Yang, and the female Fu dog represents Yin. These dogs are always found in pairs. Male fu Dogs denote power, authority and courage, whereas female Fu Dogs represent benevolence, support and wisdom. 

What If You Have Two Male Fu Dogs?


What if you have two male Fu Dogs?


Feng Shui practitioners believe in having feng shui fu dogs in pairs. A pair of one male fu dog and one female Fu dog is meant to balance the energies to invite good fortune and peace to your home. Sometimes Marble Fu Dogs are also sold in pairs of the same sex as manufacturers find them easier. You should avoid purchasing them. However, if you buy them or decide to keep them, make sure that their inside paws are raised. 

How do You Place A Fu Dog?


Concrete Fu Dogs are generally placed on both sides of an entryway. They are placed facing outwards. They are kept in pairs and should never be put on the floor. They should be set at a surface higher than the ground, preferably at waist level. They don’t have to be extra huge and should be of the appropriate size to safeguard your house against negative energies.  

Are Fu Dogs Japanese?


Fu dogs are a common sight in Japanese tattoos. They are a representative of Chinese lions, also known as shi. 

In Japan, Feng Shui Fu Dogs are known as Komainu. Fu Dogs were always understood as symbols of protection and safety which would keep the evil spirits away. They originated from China as another form of mythical Chinese lions. Antique Fu Dogs slowly became a part of the outdoor setting of rich people and palaces. With the advancement in technology and production, people began to manufacture more statues, and they spread along with Korea and Japan as well. They soon became a part of the Japanese fu dog tattoo. Getting a tattoo of these dogs symbolizes the protection of your body. 

What Does A Fu Dog Tattoo Mean?


What does a Fu Dog tattoo mean?


Foo Dog tattoos were a way to attract good luck and keep bad luck away. They are known to trap good luck inside. The tattoos also work well in pairs. 

What Is A Fu Dog? 


A fu dog is a Chinese lion symbol known for its qualities of protection and security. These tattoos can only protect those who have full faith in their power. Therefore, it is best to get these tattoos on your body where you would want maximum protection. People usually get Fu dog tattoos on their chests and their backs. These tattoos come in large designs and can also be made as a part of an Asian sleeve tattoo. In Fu dog pair tattoos, one of the dogs has a closed mouth and the other open. 

Foo Dog Mythological Significance


The Foo lion is a Chinese symbol that invites good luck and protects us from evil spirits. They were a part of many Chinese and Japanese stories of heroes, villains or side characters. Lion dog statues have been seen as a part of traditional architecture and paintings. These creatures are known to have more than meaning, and their importance made them popular in western art as well. 

Japanese fu dogs were originally used as guardian dogs to be kept outside Buddhist temples. Buddhism teachings consider the lion as a sacred animal. Lions are symbolic of peace, happiness, energy and vitality to whoever bears their mark. Their tattoos or statues always come in pairs. 

Japanese Foo Dog


Japanese fu dogs are guardian dogs whose significance is rich in Asian history. History considers these creatures sacred. Foo dogs statues in pairs represent Yin and Yang. They balance each other’s energies and moderate their strength and wisdom. 

Foo Dog tattoos are usually large because they are made in pairs. They are also very detailed, colourful and elaborate. One of the foo dogs from the pair is seen to have an open mouth, and the other is closed. The open mouth forms “a” sound, and the closed “un”. Together they form the sound “un”. Combined, they form the sound “om”, which holds its importance in Indian roots. In Indian mythology, the sound of “Om” is said to be the sound of God or the vibration of the universe. The sound of “a” and “un” also represent beginnings and endings.  

Where To Place Fu Dogs In 2022?


To balance your home’s energy and maximize the power of healing energies and good fortune, it is important that Foo Dog placement is done right. They must be positioned on both sides of an entryway. Facing outwards, the male foo Dog must be placed on the right and the female on the left. Foo Dog bookends and smaller statues should be placed on the same shelf with the male dog on the right and the female on the left.

If you have both dogs of the same sex, ensure they have inside raised paws. You should place these lions in the west for protection if they are red in colour. You can also place them in the southeast direction if they are made from metal. In addition, make sure to keep them clean. After washing them, they can be kept outside in direct sunlight to cleanse them of negative energies and make the most of their good fortune. 

5 Things You Should Know About Foo Dogs


 5 things you should know about Foo Dogs

  • Foo dogs are mythical Chinese lions. They look similar to Shih Tzu and chow chow. So, they are called foo dogs and not foo lions. 
  • Large fu dogs were found outside temples, palaces and houses of rich people as a symbol of protection. Much later, smaller statues were produced to be used as bookends and for other purposes.
  • They are always meant to be kept in pairs. One of the foo Dogs is male, and the other is female. The female represents yin, which is symbolic of protecting the house, and the male represents yang, which is symbolic of protecting the structure itself.
  • The female statue holds a puppy, and the male holds a ball. The female represents nurturing spirit while the male represents the whole world. One of the statue’s mouths is open while the other is closed, which is representative of the sound “om”. 
  • The pair of foo dogs should always be kept in one room. The male must be on the right, and the female fu dog must be on the left. 

What Are Foo Dogs?


Chinese guardian lions or stone fu dogs are architectural ornaments meant for protection. They were made to protect people against evil energies or anything that could be posed a threat. They are always seen in a pair of male and female Fu dogs. The male dog holds a ball, and the female dog holds a cub.

Fu Dogs have been said to have originated from Buddhist practices. They are ferocious creatures always found with one paw in the air or a fiery stance, ready to fight the evil spirits. For ages, the Foo Dogs have been a China’s and Southeast Asia’s part of history. Komainu is the Japanese word for lions. The ‘Fo’ is a Chinese word that relates to Buddha, and “Fu” means prosperity. 



Fu dogs are Chinese protection symbols. They are known to guard the entryway of houses and buildings. They are always presented in pairs. They are made of stone and metal or are carved from some form of granite. Their energies are meant to keep the negative energies at bay. Their ferocity wards off all evil spirits. They guard the entryways to a temple, palaces, and houses of rich people. A pair of male and female Fu dogs balance their energies and protect any building or household against negative threats. 

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