Feng Shui Wind Chimes Meaning And Benefits

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Feng Shui Wind chimes are very important in the realm of Vastu and Feng Sui because they play an essential part in warding off calamities and ill luck and bringing in good fortune and wealth among the residents of a house or an office. The pleasant music from the chimes with the air blowing brings good luck and happiness to the house. The pleasant energy radiating from the wind chimes is referred to as ‘Chi’ in Feng Shui. They are thought to counteract bad energies and inhibit Vastu dosha, ushering in positive energy and wealth. Feng shui Wind chimes assist in creating harmony between the people who live in a house and the five elements of nature.


It is important to hang the wind chimes in the proper places at home by properly following the wind chime Vastu and feng shui guidelines to get its benefits. It is also necessary to consider the materials, signs, colors, and the number of rods used because all these factors determine the usages and purposes of wind chimes.


Wind Chimes Meaning And Its Uses


Feng Shui Wind Chimes Meaning And Its Uses


It is often assumed that every sound that surrounds us influences us. It may also elicit emotions or cause behavioral changes. The purpose of a wind chime is to emit a sound, which generates a positive energy flow and brings out excellent chi in the space where it is put. Feng Shui wind chimes can be built of various materials, including wood, steel, ceramic, etc. They also assist in reducing bad energy from the surroundings by removing unpleasant noises from the environment.


According to Vastu Shastra, Wind chimes aid in counteracting the negative impacts of Vastu dosha. They aid in the suppression of ill luck and bring wealth and success to the occupants of a home. Feng shui practitioners believe that Wind Chimes promote synchronization between individuals and nature’s five elements: wood, earth, fire, water, and metal.

According to Vastu, the sweeter the music produced by a wind chime, the greater the significance of the good luck it provides to the residents. According to Vastu rules, wind chimes constructed of appropriate materials set in the proper positions can bring a residence riches, health, and prosperity. Ceramic wind chimes, for example, which, when put in the northeast direction, assist in boosting health and well-being.


The Wind Chimes Benefits


Feng shui wind chimes benefits include aiding in preventing and treating diseases and disasters by inhibiting bad energies and substituting them with positive ones. In addition, a well-placed wind chime is thought to assist in the distribution of bad chi originating from various corners of the walls and furniture. Therefore, the wind chime’s color, its number, tubes, or bells are essential factors in defining the functions of wind chimes.


Using Feng Shui Wind Chimes For Wealth


Wind chimes are also placed at home or offices to attract wealth. The usage factor determines the number of chimes used in a wind chime. Following are the ways a wind chime can bring wealth to a house or workplace:


4 Rod Metal Wind Chimes Feng Shui Uses


4 Rod Metal Wind Chimes Feng Shui Uses


Because the east and southeast corners are associated with wood and fire, a three-rod bamboo or woodwind chime is hung for health. 4 rods in the southeast represent money. In contrast, 6, 7, 8, and 9 bamboos in the south represent renown, recognition, and a good reputation.


Ceramic, clay, or crystal wind chimes are placed in the southwest corner, the children’s corner, and the northeast corner for profession, wisdom, knowledge, and education. In the Northwest, a 6 or 8-rod metal Feng Shui wind chimes are hung to increase the breadwinner’s luck and win friends, while a 7-rod wind chime is placed to improve children’s luck.


6 Rod Metal Feng Shui Wind Chime Placement 2022 Tips


The most common rods are 6-rod metal wind chimes and 8-rod metal wind chimes. Feng Shui Wind chimes are intended to promote success and fortune; thus, they should be positioned correctly. Here are some ideas on where to put 6-rod metal wind chimes.


  1. In the entrance: You can replace Bagua with a wind chime at the entrance of your home. This way, you can ward off the shar chi coming from sharp corners like corners of buildings or poles towards your home.


  1. North Direction: For good career luck, you can place a wind chime in the North direction of your house. This way, you will strengthen the water energy in this sector of your home.


  1. In the Toilet Sector: A wind chime can be placed on the toilet sector in the house. If your toilet sector is in the Southwest direction, where you have your wealth sector, it is believed that you might flush your wealth. Therefore, placing Feng Shui wind chimes in the toilet sector can be the best cure.


  1. Between two doors: You can place a wind chime between doors facing each other to neutralize the negative effects.


7 Rod Metal Feng Shui Wind Chime


The 7-rod wind chimes are unique and unusual wind chime that is not often used. Instead, these wind chimes are utilized for special occasions. 7-rod wind chimes can be placed near a door or a window. They are ideal for décor or to provide a harmonious touch to your space.


These wind chimes should be positioned near where the air blows since the breeze will force them to emit sound.

The home’s west side is the most excellent location for the 7-rod wind chime. It will stimulate your child’s creativity and the creativity of other family members.


Consideration When Using Wind Chimes In Feng Shui


Consideration When Using Wind Chimes In Feng Shui


Is it common for people to wonder, “How does a wind chime work?” When employing Feng Shui wind chimes, there are three crucial elements to consider: –




The quantity of rods is also essential when selecting the best wind chimes. Wind chimes with 6-8 rods are the most common and help increase good energy. On the other hand, a wind chime with five rods performs wonders in dispelling negative energy.


If you’re wondering where to hang feng shui wind chimes, just remember to follow the Bagua element principle and select the appropriate amount of rods to make the most of it.




The wind’s substance should be chosen in accordance with the Bagua region element’s core feng shui guideline. Therefore, when selecting the material for the wind chime, keep the Bagua area aspect in mind.


You can place metal wind chimes in the north, west, and northwest directions, according to feng shui. Bamboo wind chimes can be placed in the Bagua areas like south, east, and southeast. Clay or porcelain made wind chimes should be placed in the northeast, east and southeast direction.




Many wind chimes include traditional Chinese symbols such as Feng shui, which indicate an abundance of energy. The symbolism of wind chimes is related to several types of energy. Two heart-shaped wind chimes, for example, are an excellent choice for the garden. Wind chimes featuring the Buddha image aid in the cultivation of spiritual forces.


Using Feng Shui Wind Chimes Outside Front Door


Using Feng Shui Wind Chimes Outside Front Door


Feng Shui wind chimes are used to improve the auspiciousness of your houses and businesses. Aside from that, it assists in the removal of bad or dangerous energy. Therefore, place it outside of your front entrance door to create art and sound to illuminate the garden, entryway, or inside the entry.


The door wind chime, which can communicate the movement of guests, must be placed at the entrance of the home. It also helps flow more positive energy by the chi mouth and spreads energy in all directions with the vibrations of music.


Where To Hang Wind Chimes As Per Feng Shui – Direction Wise


You can follow the listed direction to hang wind chimes as per Feng Shui:


West: Any material wind chime can be utilized in the west direction. It assists in the improvement of a person’s conduct. The installation of wind chimes in this area also improves your child’s academic performance.


Northwest: To draw chi in this area, use hollow metal wind chimes. When you place feng shui wind chimes in this space, it will help you bring success to your life. It will also draw influential people with the produced pleasant music.


Southwest: Ceramics wind chimes of two or nine rods should be positioned in this area. This way, you will help distribute the flow of chi in your space, making it useful for your relationships.


North: Wind chimes set in the north are thought to bring good luck in your work. It is also suggested that a six-rod wind chime be used in this direction. This direction is connected with good fortune in your life, and employing a wind chime will help to increase it.


Types Of Wind Chimes


Types Of Feng Shui Wind Chimes


They are of three types, Wind Chimes Made of Ceramic


Ceramic wind chimes are sometimes known as pottery wind chimes. Glass, clay, or ceramic are the most commonly used materials to make wind chimes. Wind Chimes Made of Bamboo.

Bamboo wind chimes are related to the feng shui wood element. When the rods collide, they make a clear, uncluttered sound. Wind Chimes Made of Metal, Metal wind chimes are the most frequent and are the most significant wind chimes for feng shui.


Ceramic Wind Chimes


Ceramic wind chimes are sometimes known as pottery wind chimes. Glass, clay, or ceramic are the most common materials to make wind chimes. Ceramic wind chimes are also related to clay wind chimes in terms of feng shui. These feng shui wind chimes may be utilized as an antique item to bring love, passion, and health luck. And good fortune has come into the house. Ceramic wind chimes are very reasonably priced, and they come in various shapes.


Bamboo Wind Chimes


Bamboo wind chimes are related to the feng shui wood element. When the rods collide, they make a clear, uncluttered sound. The negative energy that strikes these wind chimes is reflected in the environment, filling it with pure good energy.

Bamboo Feng shui wind chimes also provide relaxing and beautiful sounds, making them an excellent choice for a child’s room. These wind chimes may also be placed at the entrance to a residence to increase the flow of positive chimes.


Metal Wind Chimes


Metal wind chimes are frequent and excellent feng shui wind chimes. These wind chimes help in attracting good fortune in the house or business. They slow the passage of negative energy in certain places. They also have a charming and vibrant tone.


How Many Wind Chimes Rods Are Lucky?


As previously stated, The feng shui of wind chimes is ultimately tied to luck. Therefore, when picking the proper rod numbers, choose six or eight-rod wind chimes that are the most popular and auspicious. It is because wind chimes with six rods assist in attracting positive energy. At the same time, five rods of a wind chime are lucky to reduce bad energy.


Do’s and Don’ts For Wind Chimes


Here are some of the popular dos and don’ts of household wind chimes:


Do – Position the wind chime so that it does not strike people as they enter or exit your home.


Don’t — conceal the metal wind chimes on the trees. Because it is not regarded as proper for the metal to conflict with a tree, wind chimes made of wood can be hung on trees.


Don’t – Feng shui experts advise against placing feng shui wind chimes directly in locations where people sit or sleep. As a result, their mood is affected, and unpleasant feelings are triggered.




This post discussed the significance and advantages of Chinese feng shui wind chimes. We’ve described how you can use wind chimes to draw positive energy in your house. We also included helpful hints for attracting good fortune and money. We hope you will put them in the proper direction and bring wealth to your home. However, it is critical that you set them in the specified location since only then will you profit from them; otherwise, this is only a decorative art. As previously said, there are three sorts of chimes; you may employ them in accordance with their advantages.

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