Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe – Everything You Need To Know

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Feng Shui is the ancient art of circulating the qi energy across the home or office or any place that is Feng Shui approved to create a positive environment for the dwellers. For example, Feng Shui believes that you would require to hang various symbols in the house to help attract good fortune.

One among such symbols is the Feng Shui lucky horseshoe. You can use it to boost your home’s energy. You will find various interpretations of the good luck horseshoe. For instance, Europeans believe that it has the power to buzz off negative energy. It helps combat the evil energies and keeps them from stepping into the house. Because of the number seven, other cultures consider it lucky. The seven holes in it make it auspicious.

Importance Of Horseshoe In Feng Shui

Following are the importance of hanging a Horseshoe in Feng Shui:

Importance Of Horseshoe In Feng Shui

Fulfills Dreams

Feng Shui lucky horseshoe fetches into your home wealth and luck and converts your dream into reality. A horseshoe is considered to be lucky as it has the potential to fulfill your goals and wishes. It is believed that making a wish on the horseshoe before leaving for important work helps fulfill the goal and opens the door to success. 


Feng Shui practitioners believe that hanging a horseshoe in your home helps protect the family and relationships. It helps to ward off evil intentions as it has spiritual energy and does not let bad choices harm your family and relationships. In addition, it helps to carry spiritual energy to flow into the house.

Provides Happiness And Luck

Hanging a horseshoe pointing the endpoint upwards is believed to bring good vibes to your house. It is because it helps keep the devil at bay, resulting in happiness, luck, and wealth in your home. 

The End Of Financial Woes

Hanging a horseshoe might help you say goodbye to your financial woes when financial issues have struck you. Feng Shui practitioners also believe that if you wrap the horseshoe in a black cloth and place it in a grain container, you can claim wealth. 

What Is The Horseshoe Spiritual Meaning?

Feng Shui practitioners believe that horseshoes can ward off the evil eye and bring good fortune. It embodies mysticism, luck, and religion. People also believe it brings good luck, health, good fortune and guards against disasters, evils, and bad luck.

The horseshoe symbol can bring good luck to the wearer, be it a charm or painting. Besides, the images can be hung on the wall to get an abundance of good luck.

Why Are Horseshoes Lucky?

Many stories go around horseshoe culture, so the horseshoe symbol became the symbol of good luck. One story from the seventeenth century interprets that the moon shape of the horseshoe is representative of numerous moon goddesses that safeguards against the evil eye’s affliction.

Another story comes from Ireland: a blacksmith who one day was working hard in his workshop forging horseshoes. Suddenly, the devil came and demanded his shoe. The blacksmith, however, recognized the devil. He then took a hot horseshoe and nailed it to the devil’s hooves. The devil, in excruciating pain, walked away, ripped it, and swore to never go near it again. Thus, the horseshoe hanging became a tradition to ward off ill-luck, evil eyes, and evil spirits and bring in good fortune.

Another story from the early Western Europeans states that horseshoes have more to do with the metal than the horseshoe itself. They believed the metal iron had magical powers to ward off evil spirits. They also added that witches, symbolic of evil, traveled on broomsticks instead of horseback as their horseshoes were made of iron. All the stories conclude that the horseshoe indeed drives away evil energy. A positive energy flow helps draw good energy if the bad energy is away.

The number of horseshoes also determines their luck. Many cultures consider seven a lucky number, and since it has seven holes to hold their foot in place, a horseshoe with seven holes is believed to bring good energy.

In addition, fire and iron were considered powerful. It is the resemblance of potential and strength. The blacksmith who created it was well respected, and the item was considered auspicious. 

People in ancient times wondered or did not understand why horses did not feel discomfort or pain when it was hammered into their hooves. Then the belief came into existence that the magic of the iron did not make the horses uncomfortable. Therefore, people wanted such power for themselves. 

How To Hang A Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe For Good Luck?

Horses are considered potent symbols in Feng Shui as they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the home. The method of hanging the horseshoe determines what kind of energy it lets into the house. Therefore, following the proper hanging techniques is essential to get the best out of the Feng Shui horseshoe cure. Following are the ways how to hang a horseshoe for good luck:

The entry door or the house’s doorway is excellent for hanging a feng shui lucky horseshoe. It is because, in Feng Shui, the front door is the way through which the qi energy flows in the house. Feng Shui items like horseshoes can bring positive energy only if the main entranceway is made in a way that invites good energy. It needs to be clean, uncluttered, inviting, and fully functional, and the items having issues should be fixed, such as the wobbly doorknobs or creaky hinges.

Generally, a horseshoe is hung outside the house to repel misfortune and protect from negative energy, but placing it inside does not cause any disadvantage. Many people consider putting a painting on the wall or a hanging horseshoe on a window.

There is a mixed opinion from the practitioners when it comes to positioning. Many practitioners believe, and it is widely accepted, that positioning the open end facing upwards ensures good energies stored in the house and good luck from losing away.

But some Feng Shui practitioners believe that upside-down horseshoe symbols might not let the excellent luck flow or be released into the home. Or the devil might sit in a place shaped as “u .” So they believe positioning the horseshoe facing downwards will pull the auspicious earth energy from the ground. This way, it helps to release into the home each time the front door is opened.

Feng Shui believes that a horseshoe used by the horse carries powerful energies that symbolize success, strength, and perseverance. The horseshoe that has been on a live horse has to gallop with horse energy. It is a genuine horseshoe that has matured over the horse’s hoof and is considered auspicious. This galloping horseshoe made out of real metal is irreplaceable energy.

It is to remember that a stolen horseshoe might bring fear, and you might lose your wealth away if hung on the front door. Besides, having the horseshoes of a sick horse is considered low energy as it has walked much less in its life. So again, the horseshoe brought illegally will drive the blessings away from your home. And if you have a rusty one, make sure you clean it properly before hanging it.

However, a horseshoe made of iron should never be placed on a metal door, especially if the door faces southeast or east. But an iron horseshoe can be the best choice for the doors facing either the northwest, west, or north direction.

What Does A Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Symbolize?

A feng shui lucky horseshoe is symbolic of good luck and protection that helps the positive energy flow throughout the house, bringing you prosperity and wealth and warding off negative energy that harms you or your family.

Benefits Of Horseshoe In Feng Shui

Let us discuss the benefits of feng shui lucky horseshoe in detail:

Benefits Of Horseshoe In Feng Shui

Attracts Happiness And Luck

As we have discussed, the blacksmith who could ward off the devil nailing the horseshoe in his hooves swore never to come near it ever again, thus keeping evil spirits away from your home. So it has a significant benefit of hanging a horseshoe in your home. But you must hang it on the front door placing its endpoint facing upwards as it is believed to attract positive energies into the house through the front door.

To End Your Money Issues

Horseshoes can assist in getting rid of financial issues. You can claim financial good fortune by wrapping it in a piece of black fabric and storing it in a container of grain. Following this method can bring in good financial health.

Protects The Family From Negative Energy

Hanging a horseshoe in the front door will help you safeguard the family members by removing anxieties and any negative energy intended to harm you or your relationships. Besides, the horseshoe is believed to attract spiritual energy in the home.

Fulfillment Of Dreams

The horseshoe is not only responsible for bringing prosperity and wealth but also for fulfilling the wish lists that are ingrained in your thoughts. Making a wish before leaving for any occasion can help you make your dreams and wishes true.

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Horseshoes And Five Elements

Horseshoes belong to the metal element. The horseshoes made with iron are considered effective because, since ancient times, iron was considered magical as it withstood fire. And when it was hammered into the hoof of the horses, they never felt discomfort or pain. Therefore, the horseshoes made of metal should be hung above the front door.

Feng shui believe to have good luck with the horseshoe so hanging a feng shui lucky horseshoe can boost your luck.

Which Element Does Horseshoes Belong To In Feng Shui?

The horseshoe belongs to the element metal. A horseshoe made of metal is considered to bring in good luck. In Feng Shui, metal is believed to be associated with perfection, happiness, connection, and beauty that is why a horseshoe is considered to be lucky and is called feng shui lucky horseshoe. The element metal denotes the color white, and if you paint your main door white or put plants with white blooms, it can help you attract positive energy and good luck. Hanging an iron horseshoe can be beneficial if you work on these aspects of your life, like improving social connections, prosperity, and riches or insight.

Where Should A Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Be Placed?

The front or main door is the entry point of positive energy. So, knowing how to place a horseshoe on the main door is essential. It is good to hang a horseshoe or feng shui lucky horseshoe above the main entrance door and ensure the entry door is clean and has no wobbly doorknobs or creaky doors. It is because a perfect or clean entrance will help attract good energy. You can also decorate it on a wall as a decoration. Check on the following ways how you can hang it to attract good luck:

  • Based on your personal taste, choose the end to be placed upside or downwards, standing on a ladder.
  • Request your family member to check if it is visible from the ground level. Make sure it is visible, or move it to the side from where it is visible.
  • Ensure that both the sides are of the same height while hanging it using a tape measure.
  • Then make dots for each of the holes.
  • You can use square-cut iron nails for a rustic and classic aesthetic.
  • It is associated with the superstition that involves iron, so you must check the iron nails before buying them.

How Do You Place A Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe For Good Luck?

There are many opinions regarding how to hang a feng shui lucky horseshoe for good luck if it can be positioned facing the open part up or down. Let us check on some of the positions:

  • You can check the horseshoe as a bowl and determine if the open end faces upwards. It acts as a magnet to collect good luck and hold it for the family.
  • The placement of the horseshoe downwards indicates two beliefs: First, it might pour the good energy or luck downwards and get wasted. Secondly, it might flow down on the family members or visitors who pass under it.
  • You can also attach it with rectangular-shaped nails from a shoemaker or hardware shop. It is an old-fashioned way to bring in good luck.
  • You can also find unique lucky replicas of the horseshoes to hang for good luck.

Is It Bad Luck To Hang A Horseshoe Upside Down?

There is a mixed opinion on hanging the feng shui lucky horseshoe up or down. Some Feng Shui practitioners believe that hanging it facing up might bring bad luck, or facing it downwards might bring bad luck and vice versa. So let us check what people believe or how should a horseshoe be hanged:

  • Some people believe that hanging the horseshoe open end facing up can attract good luck.
  • Some people believe that hanging its open end facing the downside will let the good energy fall to the one who passes through the door.
  • Generally, it is hung on the front entrance door outside the house. But some people prefer to hang it within the foyer.
  • There are many opinions regarding hanging the horseshoe, but you may follow your instinct and do what seems right.

How To Energize Horseshoe Lucky Charm?

You can energize the lucky horseshoe charm by knowing how to place the horseshoe in a house in the listed rules:

  • Never hang the horseshoe above any of the doors inside the house.
  • Never hang it during the night.
  • Hang it during the morning time.
  • Hang it above the front door.
  • Do not use it in your bathroom.
  • Clean it before installation. You might also use mild soapy water to remove the physical dust and then clean with fresh water to remove the negative energy.
  • Before installation, give it morning sun rays.
  • Choosing the right time to fill in positive energy is important before you install it. 
  • It is recommended to install it before ten in the morning as the sunlight is soft and your horseshoe will be installed under heaven energy. 

What Is Horseshoe Lucky Charm Jewelry?

Other than hanging a feng shui lucky horseshoe around your place you can even have it like a jewelry. People choose pendants, and it is the common horseshoe charm jewelry. But you can choose rings, earrings, and trinkets as jewelry. This jewelry should be entirely made of metal as per the belief. If you want a piece of elaborate jewelry, you can wear a pendant with diamonds or other gemstones.

Listed are the ways how to wear horseshoe jewelry:

  • You can wear horseshoe jewelry as fashionable and lucky bracelet jewelry or choose beautiful rings.
  • You might see gamblers or card players wearing horseshoe rings to boost their luck. They are seen touching the ring when they need to boost their luck.
  • You might also consider earrings shaped like a horseshoe to boost your luck.

A piece of horseshoe jewelry is now also a decorative variation of the symbol used to hang on the doorway. People carry it in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets to keep the evil eye at bay. Besides, some people believe they are honoring the moon that symbolizes fertility and abundant crops in Greek history. Now people wear it on every occasion. It has turned into a mere decorative item.

How To Wear A Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Ring?

The wearer’s belief determines the actual style of wearing a feng shui lucky horseshoe ring. The U shape has been regarded as good luck for several civilizations.

  • Many people believe in wearing it facing the open end upward to attract good luck, but some people believe it puts it face down for the wearer to have fortune.
  • You can choose the hand that you can wear the ring on. Unmarried people can put it on their left hand. The married one can wear it on the right because they wear a wedding ring on the left. It must be put on the right hand’s middle finger.
  • It is also believed that wearing the ring on the right side might increase the chance of bringing in luck. It depends on the wearer to select the side to put on the ring.


Is It Good To Keep Horseshoes At Home?

Yes, hanging a feng shui lucky horseshoe outside and above the entry door can draw good luck. You can even choose to hang it on the wall as decor. It attracts fortune and protects the family residing in the house. 

Why Do People Put A Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Over Their Door?

In prehistoric times, iron was considered magical as it withstood fire and was more potent than other metals, and was used to ward off bad luck and spirits. And when the story of the blacksmith came into existence, people started using it to protect themselves from evil energy. 

Other than feng shui lucky horseshoe there is also an another good luck aspect that came from using it was its seven iron nails. The number seven has been considered lucky since the olden times. For instance, people divided life into seven ages, a rainbow has seven colors, and a week has seven days. Furthermore, astrology believes that seven planets make up the universe, and the moon changes its phases every seven days, etc.

Where To Place A Horseshoe For Prosperity?

Knowing where to place horseshoes for prosperity is essential. First, a feng shui lucky horseshoe must be placed outside, above the front door, and above. Nowadays, people use them like paintings and hang them on the wall. In addition, many people wear horseshoes as a ring, bracelet, pendant, or necklace to keep the evil eyes at bay or keep the negative effects away from other people.

Is It Lucky To Find A Horseshoe?

You might sometimes wonder if it is lucky to find a horseshoe. According to an old superstition, if you find a horseshoe, you should spit on it Instantly. Then you should make a wish and throw it over the left shoulder simultaneously when you are making a wish. But you need to keep the wish secret until it comes true.

Can We Use Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Gifts?

Yes, you can celebrate any occasion by sharing the feng shui lucky horseshoe as a gift. In addition, there is various jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces. You can pick any jewelry to give your loved ones. You will be assured that you have provided them with something that will help protect them from harm.


Hanging a feng shui lucky horseshoe is considered spiritual and auspicious in Feng Shui. You can incorporate a feng shui lucky horseshoe through various methods in your house or your life. In this article, you might have come across multiple ways through which you can add to your life to attract good luck and keep yourself away from negative energy. You must follow the rules carefully to activate the positive energy that comes from the usefulness of the horseshoe.


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