Feng Shui Dragon Meaning | How To Use a Dragon Symbol?

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The mythological dragon, one of the most well-known feng shui dragon symbols, is a fictional animal that signifies plenty, prosperity, and good fortune. Dragon motifs may be found in a variety of traditional Chinese art applications, including fabrics, paintings, sculptures, and vases. The emblem of the dragon is employed in feng shui in big and small sizes in everything from characterising mountainous landscapes to wearing a coin-sized dragon pendant around the neck. In addition, the Great Wall of China is considered to be shaped like a strong dragon.

Dragon Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

The dragon is a mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac. According to legend, the dragon might have easily won first place if it hadn’t paused along the route to blow a beneficial breeze that carried the rabbit across the river on a floating branch. The dragon then detoured to help a drought-stricken community by summoning rain to replenish the land. Thus, the dragon is the rainmaker, bringing change, an enormous fortune, and riches. In Asian culture, the dragon is revered as a valiant and beneficial entity, as opposed to the more violent European form.

The dragon is linked with the earth element and should be placed in the east direction. It is believed that the sun rises in this direction in feng shui. The dragon is shown as a four-legged bearded serpent.

The dragon is considered as yang, while Phoenix is as yin. The former is the masculine counterpart to the yin energy. The duo is also a symbol of the royal dynasty, with the dragon representing the emperor and the phoenix representing the empress’s vigor. They are the heavenly creatures in feng shui, along with the tortoise and the tiger. Placing a dragon symbol can assist you in developing the yang components of your home’s feng shui.

What is The Importance of The Feng Shui Dragon?

The Importance of The Feng Shui Dragon

The feng shui dragon is a strong and traditional symbol that you may use to protect your house. It contains much yang (masculine energy) and a pearl in the dragon’s claw, which denotes prosperity, power, and abundance.

The dragon sign may be found everywhere in China since it is an important part of Chinese culture. It is mentioned in ancient Chinese mythology as having the ability to manipulate natural forces such as wind, rain, or rain clouds.

Feng Shui Dragon Placement

The optimum feng shui dragon-facing orientation for the dragon must be slightly below eye level. This gives you a proper view to keep control over its immense capabilities.

  • Avoid placing the dragon on the floor since it is a show of contempt, and you would never want to anger the dragon!
  • Dragons are traditionally found in the east direction. Place a feng shui dragon in this sector to bring positive energy.
  • A feng shui dragon with a pearl can be placed facing the room.
  • Never pointed towards a dragon entrance or window, as the pearl denotes prosperity, plenty, and power. You should not wish to escape via the dragon door or, worse, the window.
  • Keep no more than five dragons at home. More than five will result in negative energy caused by much yang energy (fire). An auspicious chi should always elevate dragon heads, never staring or pointing down.

What Do The Dragon And Phoenix Symbolize?

The Feng Shui dragon is a strong and traditional emblem that you may employ to safeguard your property. It has a lot of yang (male energy) and a pearl in the dragon’s claw, representing prosperity, power, and many opportunities.

When a phoenix and dragon in a pair are said to be made in Paradise, the pair is regarded as powerful symbols in Feng Shui, representing prosperity and success.

Wearing Phoenix and Dragon Amulets in Pair: Since the pair symbolizes love, it is regarded as Yin Yang Phoenix Dragon. Thus, wearing this symbol is auspicious for married couples.

Feng Shui Dragon Statue (Dragons for Protection)

Dragons are recognized as a powerful symbol in Feng shui. The dragon and phoenix are a Pair from Paradise. It is the meaning of the pair Dragon Phoenix, the two of the most effective symbols representing success and prosperity in traditional Feng Shui as bearers of powerful Yang energy and holy symbols. These mythological creatures may offer assistance and safeguard your house, which is why they are popular in China as protection charms and good luck charms.

Similarly, the dragon is seen as a divinity responsible for nurturing peace and knowledge. This legendary animal is the most potent emblem of Yang in Eastern culture, and it is one of the four creatures that rule the sky of Feng Shui.

The Dragon protects and embodies the divine, protecting your house and personally. Therefore, those who utilise it as a talisman, enabling it to be nurtured by natural and cosmic energies, always draw good fortune.

Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Meaning

The intimidating abilities and traits of two heavenly animals of spiritual gifts of this symbolism are merged in this mythical symbol, as the image has a body of a tortoise with the head of a dragon.

And it is symbolized by gold coins and bullion. It holds a symbolic coin of fortune in its jaws and a baby turtle on its shell. The turtle, considered capable of living for three thousand years without food or air, represents longevity.

The dragon represents triumph, bravery, and determination. The metamorphosis of the turtle into a dragon foretells future success in one’s professional career and company. Thus, the symbols merging together makes it the most powerful symbol in Feng Shui.

Where To Place Dragon Tortoise In A House

Keeping the dragon tortoise close to your workplace premises or home can help to prevent you from all the potential side effects. So, when it is placed at the front door, it shields against negative energy that might enter your home or business. First, however, ensure to place the symbol facing the north or northwest sector. This facing direction is determined by the Bagua area of a person’s home. Furthermore, choose a bronze dragon tortoise statue made from good quality bronze or crystal dragon. You can also opt for stone dragon statues to place in your garden.

Phoenix And Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Feng shui dragon swords have several meanings, particularly in tattoos. Furthermore, wide other varieties of feng shui dragon swords have varied shapes and even different modes of use, giving the tattoo artist a wide range of alternatives.

For tattoos, there are different feng shui dragon designs along with specific meanings.

As previously said, feng shui dragon swords were essential in history and still are true today. For instance, throughout the Asian continent and notably in Japanese culture.

Nine is the number that the Feng shui dragon corresponds to according to Chinese numerology. So, this is further linked to one’s good luck since it symbolises immortality, fertility, and protection.

Feng Shui Dragon Symbols

Feng Shui Dragon Symbols

Dragons come in a variety of materials and colors. If you’re utilizing it for feng shui, it’s a good idea to choose your dragon emblem based on the five elements.

  • Earth element for well-being and assistance
  • Metal element for happiness and clarity
  • The water element symbolises the flow of riches and wisdom.
  • The wood element promotes development and plenty.
  • The element of fire for success and inspiration

What to Avoid With the Dragon Symbol

As there are many things one should follow while using a Feng Shui Dragon symbol, one should also take care of some important things that should be avoided at all costs. Listed are the tips you should always take care of while using the symbol:

  • Only visit low-energy areas such as the garage, closets, or bathroom.
  • We must limit the usage of this emblem since it is a sign of power. We can’t have more than five dragons at home. Also, avoid grouping them in threes.
  • It should not be put higher than eye level.
  • Use the pearl in the dragon’s claw and make sure it faces a window or door.
  • The dragon emblem is revered. Thus never utilise these dragon pictures on the floor, even if they are part of a carpet.

Feng Shui Dragon Placement Side – Guide

The Feng shui dragon’s side possesses numerous magical qualities that generate a superabundance of energy. When the Chinese feng shui dragon side is facing west, it is thought to prevent any negative energy from attempting to block good and constructive energies.

Since all its sides work together to generate a powerful chi for the masters, the side is considered powerful. And that these powers vary in type and deliver a plethora of positive traits, such as:

  • Love \Cures
  • Wealth
  • Best wishes, Positive energy
  • The flow of company success and so forth.

Recently, some Chinese have begun to worship the side of the dragon, burning incense and praying for their wishes.

Feng Shui Dragon Placement In The Office

It should face the office and not be positioned outside. Make sure the dragon’s claw, which contains the crystal and pearl, is not facing the wall and not facing the entrance or window. When you are using the Feng Shui dragon in your office, other Feng Shui treatments should never be placed near the Feng Shui dragon.

What Does A Gold Dragon Symbolize?

A Golden dragon is symbolic of abundance and good luck. It is also known to boost one’s self-esteem. So, when you handicraft the dragon entirely of metal brings you growth.

However, make sure to clean the dragon periodically. Besides, with a golden dragon, it is both robust and easy to clean. If the surface becomes rusted, lightly clean it with a soft cloth or apply vinegar. You may put it in your room to make decorating tiny rooms more appealing. The Chinese dragon provides good luck and riches and boosts your self-esteem.

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Do Dragons Bring Good Luck?

Dragon is the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In Chinese tradition, the dragon signifies good fortune, power, health, and the masculine element Yang.

What Is The Best Type Of Dragon?

Feng Shui experts believe that a green dragon benefits health, while a golden dragon is for fortune. Therefore, it may be installed in any place in the house. However, there are certain constraints.

Where Should I Place A Dragon In My House?

To improve bonds with family and friends, place your dragon in a common location such as a family or living room. Place your dragon in front of your kitchen sink or any other water feature in your home other than the bathroom to enhance the water’s wealth and prosperity advantages.

What Colour Dragon Is The Strongest?

The Red Dragon is a Legendary Dragon of the Pure main type. Flame, War, and Primal moves are also available to the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon, the fiercest of the Color dragons, is a beast of pure passion, love, and wrath.

Can I Place a Dragon On The Desk?

Place your dragon in front of your kitchen sink or any other water feature in your home other than the bathroom to enhance the water’s wealth and prosperity advantages. In addition, the dragon can be put at your office on a table or shelf behind your desk for career success.

Are Gold Dragons Stronger Than Red Dragons?

However, upon closer investigation, it is evident that the gold dragon is far more powerful than the red dragon: their save DC for Frightful Presence is greater, they have better ability scores, and they have a few more abilities.


In Feng Shui, the feng shui dragon represents all things auspicious. Despite the fact that it is not a real animal, many people think it shields them from harmful energy. Whether you believe in these ideas or not, we believe that putting decorations may increase our energy and make us more open to possibilities.

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