How To Do Chinese Face Reading- Reveal Hidden Facts About You And Future

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What Is Chinese Face Reading Called?

Palmistry is the reading of the palm, while Physiognomy is the reading of the face. Physiognomy is a Chinese technique to interpret a person’s health condition and personality traits by reading their face. The personality traits can be determined only by the facial features like the shape of the forehead, lips, jaw, chin, nose and shape and colour of the eyes. Therefore, mastering the art of Chinese Face Reading entirely depends upon the ability to read the correct facial features. A person’s personality traits, health conditions, the past and the future are determined through facial features.

What Are The Different Chinese Face Reading Elements?

The five natural elements: earth, water, fire, metal, and wood, are closely associated with the art of Chinese face reading. These natural elements help the physiognomist understand an individual’s personality traits, future, and past. 

In addition, according to Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, these facial readings help them understand a patient’s hidden disease and can reveal the progression of the disease. Chinese face health readings help them to provide the best course of treatment. The physiognomist can understand by analysing the patient’s facial landmarks and the overall shape.

Look at the chart to associate the elements with the facial shapes:

Associated Natural Elements Face Shapes
Wood Heart-shape
Metal Oval/Long
Earth Square (Water at the jawline)
Water Round
Fire Triangle


In Chinese Face Reading, What Does A Dimpled Chin Mean?

Chinese Face Reading signifies the dimpled chin with the letter ‘w’. A dimpled chin separates the jaw in half to create an appearance of ‘w’. Chinese Face reading considers the people having dimpled chins as:

  • Good luck to the spouse.
  • They have heightened artistic creativity.
  • More than a large fortune, a dimpled chin is regarded as a ‘two homes’ symbol.
  • Positively it may mean owning two more properties for the individual.
  • Negatively, it may mean remarriage or the individual and the spouse might live separately in a different house.
  • Dimpled people are sentimental yet have a vibrant life. They might overdo many things for their significant others, and when they are not returned with the same amount of love, they are hurt and dissatisfied.

What Does A Very Thin Face Mean In Chinese Face Reading?

An individual having a skinny face is associated with the natural element ‘wood’. People with slim faces usually overwork, but they are systematic and practical. Chinese face reading reveals that they might have problems in their life and are narcissistic. But they are further known to have athletic physiques or muscular.

How To Reveal Personality In Chinese Face Reading?

How To Reveal Personality In Chinese Face Reading?

Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is associated with metal elements. They have a high IQ but weak physical strength and physique. They usually have clear and shining eyes reflective of a lot of energy. The people with metal faces have chevron cheekbones, a pale complexion, pale eyebrows, and straight hair. They are hardworking, strong-willed, have a good sense of humour and thus can be a perfectionist in everything they do. With so much positivity, they are not devoid of negative attributes. At worst, they can be toxic with negative thoughts.

But they can get into creative professions like healers and teachers. It is suitable for them to avoid junk foods and ensure they eat high protein food. It is advised to them to breathly to let the heavenly Qi in. Besides, it is foreseen that they might suffer from an ill respiratory system. As they are associated with metal elements, they must express their creativity or else, like metal elements, they might get rusty and dull.

Round Face Shape

The round face shape has the personality of a water element. The round-faced person is chubby and has a soft face. They have large soft eyes, and their hair colour is dark. Round face shaped people are gentle and quiet but are diplomatic in character. They have good communication skills and thus can be good storytellers. In addition, they are caring and sensitive. They can be a good listener and counsellors and optimistic. Like the water features vitality and aliveness, similarly, the round-shaped people are reflective and have a magnetic behaviour. In addition, they have intense sexual fantasies and always look forward to a stable relationship.   

Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces are associated with wood elements. People with heart shapes have a broad forehead and round cheekbones and a small chin like a heart. Wood elements make them energetic to grow like they see a plan and vision of the future. They are intellectual and take responsibility for managing things. The wood quality in them evokes their leadership qualities. Therefore, they can be good administrators and have strong ideals. But the wood element in them brings out anger in them and might have problematic relationships. The zeal of the wood element leads them to personal development, reaching maturity. They are generous but are philosophical about everything.

Square Face Shape

Square shaped faces are associated with Earth elements. They are characterised by sallow complexions, distinct jawlines, thickset bodies and deep voices. People having square-shaped faces are persevering, reliable and practical. In addition, they are always careful with their money and thus can be a good treasurer. They are also down-to-earth people having practical ideas. Negatively they are not idealistic like the wood element people or swayed by emotions like the water element people. But sometimes, they can be aggressive and dominating in nature and act prudently at times. On a positive note, they are intelligent and have decisive minds. They are self-confident with whatever they undertake.

Triangle Face Shape

The Triangle face type is associated with the fire element. People with a fire element have a stronger jawline, narrow and prominent cheekbones, broad forehead and pointed chin. They might have rapid speech and quick body movements in addition to red and curly or wiry hair. They might also have freckles. They are friendly and kind as the fire element in them brings enthusiasm and warmth to their personality. They hold no grudges against others and are very good at communication, making them extroverted and outgoing people. Furthermore, they are active and goal-oriented. They might sometimes have a fiery temperament and take crazy risks with fire elements in them.

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What Chinese Face Reading Says About Nose?

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Nose?

Chinese fortune telling face reading states that if an individual has a nose that has a length same as the forehead and at the end has the same width as that of the eye is considered the perfect nose. Chinese face reading states that an aquiline nose or hook nose symbolises commanding power, pride and strong determination. Let us know how different types of noses help bring out their characteristics:

Straight and proportionate nose: 

People who have a straight and proportional nose are considered to have kindness, patience, high endurance and possess elegance. Sometimes they might seem indifferent and cold toward people. However, they act liberal towards social and moral conventions. Narrow Nose: People who have narrow noses represent an authoritative character. Individuals with an aquiline nose with a bent down tip are known for their sarcasm but are rarely funny. In addition, they represent bold attitudes and contrasting pride.

Nose pointing up high and slightly curved: 

Enthusiasm and skills define people having a nose pointing up high and slightly curved. They have the zeal to reach their goals, execute their plans mindfully despite any obstacles, and laugh in defence. Their nature and enthusiasm make them more appealing to people, and hence people cannot remain mad long with such people for a long time.

Straight nose but a bent down tip: 

They have a melancholy nature. However, they have more tolerance than people with curved noses.

Snub Nose: 

Dominating quality defines people having a snub nose. However, they lack elegance yet are possessed with extraordinary poetic and literary powers. Snub nose people are known to have no curiosity but are of quarrelling nature.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Lips?

 What Chinese Face Reading Says About Lips?

According to face reading, thick lips are given more preference over thinner ones. So let us know the different types of lips shapes and how it defines their personalities:

Thicker Lips: 

If an individual has thick lower lips, they are gifted with abundant pleasures and people who possess a loving character are well-received by everyone. However, such people are also indecisive. Therefore, if they have a split chin along with thick lips, it can symbolise their laziness and selfishness. Besides, people having thin lips are considered selfish.

Pursed Lips: 

Courage and strong character define people with pursed lips. And small lips imply that the person might have a cruel and cold nature with the upper lip covering the lower lip. On the contrary, however, they are usually positive, possessed by loving nature and a good heart. But people with lower lips pronounced outside mean that they are cynical and satiric.

Heart-shaped Lips:

Heart-shaped lips are symbolic of independent and confident personality traits. If an individual’s lip corners are pointed downwards, they are always melancholy and have deep thoughts.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Eyes?

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Eyes?


The shape and colour of the eyes can define a person according to the art of Chinese Face Reading. Let us look more into the eye colours, and the Chinese face reading eyes suggests personality traits.

  • Brown eyes: 

People having brown eyes are associated with the ‘earth’ element. They have qualities like positive energy, courage, endurance, and fertility. They are possessed with spirituality and are strong-headed. In addition, they are not materialistic, love nature and crave independence.

  • Black Eyes: 

Black eyes define people as being mysterious and are possessed with attributes like sex, secrets, witchcraft and darkness. They are considered to have psychic powers and are secretive about themselves. 

  • Blue Eyes: 

The blue colour is associated with ‘water’, and people possessed with blue eyes are highly observant of their surroundings. Besides, they have powers like a future prediction.

  • Hazel Eyes: 

People with hazel eyes are independent, sensible and courageous. Green eyes are suggestive of having healing capabilities and are compassionate and spiritual. The grey eyes represent sensitive nature and inner strength.

  • Changing eye colours: 

Eyes that constantly change their colours and shades might have levity in feelings and are symbolic of extraordinary imagination. They are considered popular among peers for their liveliness and courage.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Cheeks?

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Cheeks?

Chinese face reading determines that cheek readings can also provide insight into one’s personality. So, let us check on what personality traits people might hold with different types of cheek:

  • Plump Rounded Cheeks: 

People with plump rounded cheeks but do not have raised cheeks are down-to-earth people, hardworking, and positive. In addition, they are faithful, broad-minded, honest and responsible to their family and career. They are always against bullying. 

Men with plump rounded cheeks can start a business and gain social prestige and achievement in their middle age. Besides, when it comes to their marital life, they are defined by their faithfulness to their wives, affectionate and family-oriented. 

Women having plump cheeks suggest their skill in managing their family correctly. They are methodical in any work. They can have a good command over everything, to the environment, house and work. They tend to take any work seriously and hence are considered the all-rounder.

  • Raised Cheek:

People with evidently raised cheeks are treasonous, stubborn and tenacious. It is said that even if they have suffered enough, they will never change their mind. This stubbornness tends to make them suffer. Besides, they are vindictive; for example, if you make them sad for once, they will make you suffer more all your life. Therefore, it is suggested to keep yourself away from such people.

  • Flat Cheeks: 

Flat cheeks symbolises skinny cheeks. People having flat cheeks might share happiness with you, but they might leave you in your bad times. Their personality is defined by selfishness, and thus only a few people lend them a helping hand when they are in trouble. 

Men with flat cheeks are clever but dishonest. Women having flat cheeks might have material wealth and are popular, but they are unfaithful. Their wealth and rank might not last long because they are not destined to enjoy their wealth.

  • Sunken Cheeks: 

People with sunken cheeks get limited support from their near and dear ones, lacking the fighting spirit. They are dragged, so they have difficulty standing on their own feet. But in later years, they might live on the previous results because they might have no good luck on their side.

  • Shrivel Cheeks: 

People with shrivelled cheeks and long wrinkles represent harsh people. Unfortunately, they also have a bad house, Feng Shui. They have limited property, unsatisfactory performance, and uncomfortable life.

  • Cheek Lines: 

Cheek Lines are known as Nasolabial folds. It is located close to the cheeks’ end and on both sides of the nose. The tight folds showcase their capability and experiences. For example, if people have plump rounded cheeks along with the cheek lines, they might buy property in a planned manner. In addition, their family property might also expand steadily.

  • Cheekbones: 

Cheeks located underneath the eye socket that is slightly raised are known as the cheekbones. One’s fortune may be affected by the plumpness and the cheekbone position. The high cheekbones are preferred to the overly raised, sunken and low cheekbones.

  • Dimpled Cheeks: 

People with dimpled cheeks are popular, versatile, generous and frank. They show the sign of talent in their youth, but it declines as their age increases.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Eyebrows Forehead?

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Eyebrows Forehead?

While the shapes and size of the ear can say a lot about one’s future, similarly, the forehead also displays an individual’s characteristics. Let us discuss them in detail:

  • Wide and high: People with wide and high foreheads are considered lucky as they have the prospect of permanent success. It is deemed to be ideal according to the Chinese face reading.
  • Low and wide: People with low and broad foreheads possess great imagination and natural skills. 
  • Square forehead: An individual having a square forehead is considered sincere and honest.
  • Losing forehead: People with losing foreheads can be considered a lack intelligence.
  • Wrinkled forehead: People with wrinkled foreheads display the person’s research and contemplation.
  • No wrinkles: An individual with no wrinkles displays cold nature, lacks empathy and is selfish. Besides, having creases between the eyes signifies strong concentration capability.

Let us check on what eyebrows have to say about people’s personality traits:

  • Straight Eyebrows: People with straight eyebrows always have a direct approach. They are factual. They would accept anything to be valid only after looking at the facts. In addition, they appreciate the logic. They do not let emotions cloud their judgement.
  • Curved Eyebrows: People with curved eyebrows are friendly and pleasant. They understand people on a deeper level and thus can connect and relate to them. In addition, they take a better grasp of any ideas if they are given personal examples.
  • Angled Eyebrows: People with angled eyebrows can control themselves in any situation. They have good leadership qualities. They can keep themselves mentally focused. They trust themselves and know what is right, and in most cases, they are right too.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Ears?

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Ears?

A person’s ears can give us clues about their status in their life and their personality traits. The shape and size of the people can show their characteristics according to the art of Chinese Face Reading.

  • Small Ears: People having small ears represents affection, honour and manners. People may be reserved and shy if their ears are too small in shape. If the ear size is small but seems long and narrow, the person might be more reserved.
  • Ears having gaps: If a person has a massive gap between the ears and the eyes, it could mean that they have excellent talent and intellectual capacity.
  • Medium-sized ear: If a person has ears of medium size, they are determined and possess good energy. But people with big ears are materialistic and rude. On the other hand, the desire for destruction and cruelty defines people with distant ears.
  • Ears at the height above eyebrows: Ears placed within the height of the nose and eyebrows are normal-sized ears. Vindictive nature and criminal tendencies might occupy people’s minds if they have ears above the height of their eyebrows. 
  • Detached earlobes: If people have detached earlobes from the head, they have free spirits and are generous. 
  • Hard, thick, long ears: People having these ear features are robust, love sports and may rarely get ill. 
  • Chiselled Ears: Studious and smart define people with chiselled ears. They have problem-solving capabilities. They can solve their issues with wisdom and intelligence. In addition, they come up with the best results if they do whatever they are interested in.
  • Thick, big, pendulous earlobes: People having these ear features have money and good health. They can quickly seize opportunities and hence are always have a successful career. They solely depend on their efforts and thus have the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are mentally stable.
  • Ears lying close to the head: People with ears that are partially visible from the front and that lie close to the head have fantastic investment skills, managerial skills, and wealth. They are lucky to receive assistance from successful entrepreneurs while having difficulties. They achieve success with strenuous effort.
  • Wide ‘ear gates’: Somebody owing ear having ear gates are usually gifted people as they can be a fantastic writers and capable of succeeding in different fields. Moreover, they are ambitious and always have long term potential ideas. In addition, they can also achieve success in a short period.
  • Ruddy, shiny ears: According to PhysiognomyPhysiognomy, an ear with a reddish and glossy appearance is preferable. People with these ears realise their opportunities that can ultimately lead to fame.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Hair?


What Chinese Face Reading Says About Hair?

Hair colour can speak volumes about an individual’s characteristics. So let us know what various hair colour is symbolic of:

  • Blonde hair: People with blonde hair colour signifies physical weakness and indifference. Fortunately, they are possessed with a strong consciousness, youthfulness, and memory.
  • Black hair: An individual having black colour with curls interprets affection and joyfulness, while black hair without curls represents melancholy and pessimism. 
  • Brown hair: People with brown hair are a bit indifferent. However, they are romantic and independent. Brown hair is suggestive of a hardworking individual and is reliable. They are adventurous and love travelling.
  • Dark red hair: They are endowed with great physical energy, but the negative side shows them quarrelsome, angry and sceptical. While dark red-haired people have negative attributes, bright red hair is suggestive of being lucid in nature, intelligent and sensitive. A person is passionate and might have a lively character if they have silky hair. 
  • Hairy figure: People with hairy figures have great physical strength. They love sports. But people without hair are diplomatic and cunning and are pretty intelligent.


The Chinese art of Face Reading can portray different personality traits based on face shapes and sizes. Chinese Face Reading is derived from Daoist philosophy. Mr Guiguzi has written the oldest art of Face Reading. It is said that this art is used not merely to tell the fortune, but it is used to help the Chinese medicine experts who created physical and mental profiles to help diagnose their patients’ illnesses and help in their treatment.

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