Best Feng Shui Plants To Attract Good Luck & Wealth

Introduction The purpose of feng shui plants is to balance the elements of your home to provide the free flow of positive energy. Feng shui experts also encourage you to incorporate houseplants in your home design to help bring wealth and good luck.  Therefore, Feng Shui experts suggest getting plants especially selected to bring wealth, prosperity, and … Read more

Feng Shui Love Symbols | Lucky Charms For Love

Introduction Feng shui offers various feng shui love symbols to attract and improve love relationships. Would you not want objects that bring good luck to your life and house? A happy relationship symbolizes a happy home. Feng shui experts bring forth various symbols to help maintain your relationships. You can catch hold of these lucky … Read more

10+ Feng Shui Mistakes That Can Ruin Your House

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What Is A Bat Symbolism | Are Bats Good Luck?

Introduction Bat is the creature that receives much skepticism due to the facts surrounding it. The name itself sends a specific signal that is frightening. However, you must know more about the bat symbolism to know its positive significance. Bats are denoted with both negative and positive significance in different cultures. It has spiritual meaning irrespective of … Read more