Green Tourmaline Meaning | How To Wear A Tourmaline?

Introduction There are various tourmaline with their unique properties and uses. However, this blog focuses on green tourmaline meaning, its properties and uses. Tourmaline is notable for its energy healing in feng shui that belongs to the tourmaline family. It comes in various colors such as yellow, green, orange, blue, red, pink and the blend … Read more

How To Use Feng Shui Coins? Best Placement Ideas

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How To Read Feng Shui Compass Accurately

When this topic is in sight, you might be curious to know how to read a Feng Shui compass is, right? You must be wondering what a Feng Shui compass is? A feng shui compass is a device that the feng shui practitioners use to determine home’s facing and seating orientations using the compass to … Read more

How To Make Wish Come True Feng Shui

Introduction  Feng shui is an old method of structuring your home so that its energy may provide you, your family, and your life with much love and pleasure. In addition to that, if you have certain hopes that you want to fulfill, feng shui gives you a method of how to make wish come true … Read more