25 Best Feng Shui Gifts For Career And Business Growth

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Gifts are not only given to express sentiments of love and affection but may also be given to bring good luck and success into the lives of those who receive them. And what better way to enchant our loved ones on essential occasions than with Feng Shui gifts? These presents are the ideal approach to express that “You Care.”

Every Feng Shui gift comes with a fortunate charm, making them even more precious and one-of-a-kind. Despite being a Chinese style of art, these presents have gained international respect for the positivity they convey. To make it easier for you to discover Feng Shui presents, here is a list of some popular lucky gifting things that will undoubtedly add charm to your presenting technique. 

Best Feng Shui Gifts For Business Growth

Feng Shui Gifts For Business Growth

1. A Bronze Feng Shui Dragon That Is Excellent For Job Advancement And Prosperity.

The metal dragon is a sign of success and luck in a profession and is one of the top Feng Shui gifts for career advancement. The dragon also denotes strength and success and may be a terrific addition to your home or workplace workspace. Placing the dragon at your office might help you succeed in your profession and offer you financial plenty. The dragon, according to Feng Shui practitioners, is believed to possess supernatural qualities that can attract good luck to the house. It signifies great protection, prosperity, renown, and authority.

2. A Professional’s Work Desk Is Adorned With A Glass Fish Tank With Goldfish.

According to Chinese legend, the goldfish signifies triumph over adversity since it can swim upstream, endure huge waterfalls, and turn into a dragon! Install a goldfish in your workplace or workstation to bring success and fame. If you pick a tiny fishbowl, it will suffice, but if you have complex plans for an aquarium, keep eight goldfish and one blackfish in it to bring prosperity and fortune into your life. If owning a fish as a pet is not you admire, you may go for a goldfish painting instead.

3. The Metal Dragon Ship Is One Of The Greatest Feng Shui Things For A Career.

The golden dragon ship, a sign of prosperity and fortune, is a key money magnet and good luck carrier in Feng Shui. Thus it is considered one of the best feng shui gifts. The dragon ship is made of bronze and may be placed in the living room in the southeast corner. If you keep it on your work desk, it will also help your career. It is advantageous for those trying to expand their firm. When positioning the dragon ship, bear in mind that the ship’s orientation should be inwards, implying that the ship is bringing riches and prosperity with it from its trip to space.

4. A Waterfall Scene In A Photo Frame That May Be Displayed On Your Desk.

Flowing water continually alters energy and is a significant source of riches. Having running or moving water in your work area is good. You might put a Feng Shui fountain or hang a painting depicting a river or waterfall in your office’s North direction. Remember, the flowing water’s direction must be inwards like the ship, with no barrier in the path. Another consideration is that the water in the image must not be static, nor any evidence of a storm. If you decide to install a fountain, make sure to replace the water on a regular basis and maintain it clean. If the fountain breaks down, remove it from the workplace immediately and replace it.

5. A Ship

It can symbolize the arrival of prosperity and achievement, making it one of the best feng shui gifts. Gold imagery can be used to underline the invitation to rich wealth. You might also place some “cargo” on the ship representing your job accomplishment. Place the ship at the entrance to a house or workstation. Make sure that it points into the residence to direct success into your home.

6. Chinese Zodiac Animals

The astrology of the Chinese zodiac animals is used in feng shui. The 12 animals reflect various personalities and energy that we come across and can be gifted because of their unique look. When all animals are strung together, it represents prosperous and peaceful partnerships. So hang the 12 zodiac animals at your office to encourage good connections and attract benefactors.

7. The Coins Of The Ten Emperors

They are a feng shui adjustment that promotes financial prosperity. These coins depict the Qing Dynasty’s Ten Emperors with their imperial reserves and represent rich prosperity and power, making it the best feng shui gifts for business growth. Furthermore, it can bring cash and money from a trustworthy and legal source. These may be used to provide support behind your desk chair. Having these coins visible at the entrance of your house or workplace is also a good idea. It has a Creative look, and you can easily gift it to your loved ones because of its size and benefits. 

8. The Feng Shui Tortoise

He is an animal that signifies your home’s north and rear. So position this to get enormous protection, support, and stability in your life and profession, just as its back protects its life from others. It can be placed anywhere. However, it is most commonly found on the balcony, at the front entrance, window, or in a similar location. It is offered in stone and metal as a material. You may also attach this to the backside of your house if the construction of your back home is damaged or insufficient to provide enough support.

9. Mandarin Ducks

I am sure that love is the most romantic topic everyone loves discussing. Therefore here we are to inform you that if you have any relationship-related issues, Feng shui offers a solution. 

It is, in essence, signifies LOVE. As a result, it is utilized to resolve any problem in your love life. They appear in pairs and may be found in sculptures, sketches, photos, and paintings.

10. Maneki Neko Fortune Cat 

Are you a cat person like me? Do you know that cats have been associated with good fortune and prosperity in Asian culture for hundreds of years?

Who doesn’t enjoy cats, after all? But did you know it’s also a part of Feng shui and a great antidote for ill luck?

The lovely, hand-painted Maneki Neko fortune cat may be displayed in homes and businesses. These cute tiny kitties are made of ceramic and may be found at the cash register, in Asian stores and restaurants, as well as at the entrances to companies and houses. And in riches corners, as a further inducement to prosperity.

11. Bronze Bells

They have the same advantages as gold bells in terms of improving Qi energy. The energy is derived from the sound it creates. Thus we must maintain this in front of the door.

These bells are generally found within or outside temples or sacred locations, providing friendly vibes, peace, and energy. According to its Bagua region, you can place this on the Northwest side.

12. Bamboo Flutes

In terms of Feng Shui, bamboo flutes often generate a very relaxing sound. The primary purpose of this flute is to counteract bad energy, which enters from one end and exits through other holes, balancing the energy. Because the bamboo flute is associated with the Wood feng shui element, it may be installed in the East, Southeast, or South parts of your property because such locations benefit from Wood energy.

13. Laughing Buddha Statue

This statue is always available in a smiling stance, whether a statue or an idol. The major reason for a grin, according to Feng Shui, is that it generates a happy mood and good fortune. A clear mind may work miracles.

So, if you keep this at work or home, you will constantly feel confident and pleased when you look at it. Furthermore, this statue is quite frequent at every hotel and business in China to greet travelers since it is considered auspicious in their culture. Another benefit is that it makes an excellent present for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and even deliveries.

14. Feng Shui Candles

“Therefore, even in the darkest times, there is always light.” Candles depict the power of light. People lighted their homes when there was no electric light. Volumes of human history have been written by candlelight.

15. Candies And Sweets

Candy is a classic welcome present that sends a strong message to the senses. Sweet flavors entice us, and we enjoy their look even if we don’t try them. Sweets are traditionally presented during Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. There is no dish that doesn’t finish with sweets—another thing to remember.

The items in this list can be the best feng shui gifts that you can gift for business growth.

Feng Shui Gifts For New Home

 Feng Shui Gifts For New Home

These Chinese good luck housewarming feng shui gifts send out positive vibes to neighbors, friends, and family. In medieval times, neighbors would bring wood logs as gifts; a good log might provide heated hours on long winter nights, making it an efficient gift.

  • A Little Bonsai

A new house might be complex, which is why a little additional luck never hurts. It is one of the most unique and gorgeous good luck presents for a new home. The little bonsai is an essential component of Feng Shui. It contains multiple coins in its branches and is placed atop a bag with the Chinese word “Choi,” indicating abundance. Several components work together to provide good fortune to any home, and it can be a Feng shui gift for new homes, which you can try for good fortune. 

  • Mugs

There is no better way to cater to the house’s inauguration and all of the wonderful events that will occur within it than with these customized mugs and glasses. With some amusing glasses, you can help your friends’ dishes grow.

  • Anti Stress Kit

If a motion is marked by anything, it is due to the stress one is under. Therefore, it is advisable to have an anti-stress kit and take things more gradually to counteract this tension and start a toleratable start in your new home.

  • Feng Shui Metre

It can stand as the best feng shui gifts for the children. It is a gift you can share with your loved one’s children. It is a terrific gift to install in their children’s room and be able to monitor their growth better. This meter can prevent the children from drawing on the walls to indicate their height.

All the above discuss Feng shui gifts for new homes that you can gift for the new home of your loved ones. 

Feng Shui Gifts For Career Success

Feng Shui Gift For Career Success

Many successful people recognize that the three characteristics of hard effort, dedication, and good luck played a significant role in their success. Likewise, we recognize that good fortune is mostly a factor conferred by fate, but there are a few symbols you may decorate or maintain at your office to attract good fortune and greater prospects.

Here are some fantastic present ideas for folks who want to wish their loved ones well at work:

  • The Chinese Dragon

It is a sign of wealth, strength, and protection. It is said to protect humans from toxic and bad energy. It must be placed in the East direction at home and business to gain the benefits.

  • Lucky Bamboo

It is a Feng Shui concept regarded as an auspicious plant that attracts good health, wealth, and fortune. You may put the lucky bamboo plant on your desk at work. The plant’s green tint can calm your senses and boost your attention, allowing you to make better judgments at work.

  • Laughing Buddha

The most prevalent Feng Shui object is the Laughing Buddha. It is said that maintaining a Laughing Buddha at your house or business relieves stress and concerns and fills your life with laughter. His laughter is also a symbol of success in any enterprise or new business you embark on.

  • Fortune Cat 

The word ‘Beckoning Cat’ is taken from the Japanese term ‘Maneki Neko,’ also known as Fortune cat. It is typically exhibited at the entrance to stores, restaurants, offices, and other establishments thought to bring good fortune to their owners. If the beckoning cat’s right paw is up, it implies it is inviting good fortune and money. 

  • The Crystal Tortoise

It is very important in Vastu and Feng Shui. It represents long life, stability, good fortune, and support, all of which are believed to balance and harmonize the world around us. So people who want to improve their professional luck, longevity, and financial luck should keep a crystal tortoise in the South West or northwest direction at their house or office.

  • Money Frog 

It is a Feng Shui sign that invites money and wealth to your house or business. It is commonly portrayed as a legendary bullfrog with three legs and fiery eyes. Money frogs perch atop a mound of gold coins, holding a coin in their mouth. It should never be used in low-energy locations or on the floor.

Feng Shui Gifts For Love

Feng Shui Gifts For Love

If you are a Feng Shui believer and wish to present the items of your loved one for their luck or love, we have listed them for you. This list contains Feng shui gifts for love which can assist you in determining what you should bring as a housewarming present, gift, or simply a small token when you meet them or visit their home.

However, when you give it as a present, make it clear to the recipient that the location of the candles is critical. It should be kept in any of the four directions: centre, northeast, southeast, and so on, in order to make Feng shui gifts for your boyfriend or for your loved ones. The color of the candle is equally essential. Fire, for example, may be symbolized by the colors orange, pink, yellow, red, purple, and orange. Avoid using ombres.


It may appear strange, yet there is a meaning behind it. According to Feng Shui, salt is one of the nicest presents. It is claimed to purify the energy in the home. So present it in an attractive box or jar, and tell the recipient that they should sprinkle the salt over the corners and leave it for 24 hours.


This gift is regarded as a spiritual advisor. Gift the recipient a typical Feng Shui compass that is distinct from standard ones, whether at home or work. It should be separated into 24 directions, and to help the recipient grasp the present, get the instructions.


In today’s world, when everything seems bleak, a plant is a pleasant breath of fresh air. However, there are some that are good for Feng Shui, such as palms, rubber plants, and bamboo. Bamboo is the greatest since it requires little maintenance and can thrive in any amount of light.

These plants are thought to be good purifiers and attract positive energy or qi. Give this at the end of the year, when the year starts, or once a month. Plants also represent a fresh start for the receiver.

This present is appropriate for a pair. Whenever possible, get them something in a pair. According to Feng Shui, it is negative if a couple retains single goods in their bedroom since they are supposed to encourage seclusion. A pair of stands, each honoring the other. Also, try to provide it in red, a color that represents desire.

Feng Shui Gifts For Good Luck

Feng Shui Good Luck Gifts

Feng Shui successfully brings luck and wealth into one’s life. Several Feng Shui good luck gifts are said to be beneficial in bringing good luck. These are handy for more than just house decor. They may also greatly influence your life when you utilize and position them correctly. Here are some of the most popular Feng Shui objects for good luck that might help bring good fortune to your home.

Lucky bamboo 

It is known as the greatest Feng Shui product for good fortune. You might select the lucky bamboo as your finest supporter to bring you good fortune. There are two, three, and four layers of Lucky Bamboo plants. This fortunate bamboo plant is simple to care for and can grow in any condition. It has the ability to bring great energy into your home.

Tortoise with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tortoise is another choice since it represents long life. This Tortoise is constructed of resins, glass, metals, mud, and crystals and may even be created of wood. The Feng Shui tortoises must be placed.

To defend your prosperity, cast an evil eye.

The Evil Eye is a well-known Feng Shui sign that has the ability to attract good luck. It may also counteract bad or demonic energies, shielding you from unwanted consequences. You may also provide your loved ones joyfully by giving them an Evil Eye wall art.

Frog with three legs

The three-legged money frog is an essential item for riches. It is thought to be the protector of your family’s fortunes as well as the guardian of your family’s money. So if you wish to offer someone tremendous prosperity, gift them this item. It may also provide a unique aspect to your home’s design and décor.

The Buddha of Laughter

It is a cheerful-looking emblem of a laughing guy that may provide positive energy to any room while also assisting in creating favorable Feng Shui energy. This Laughing Buddha may also be used as a decorative item in your home, workplace, or store. 


Several meanings are easily identified depending on the chosen feng shui Housewarming Gifts For Good Energy. People who did not get many feng shui gifts as children, for example, will find it simpler to use this method since they see the full significance of it. Some company owners choose to showcase these fortunate charms for business by putting them on racks or hanging them near the entrance of their store. The movement of energy within an individual is vital to keep in mind during the Feng Shui treatment process. 

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